GIS Consulting: Eradicating Security Threats to Build a Secure Ecosystem for your Organization

Naveen Dham,CEOWith ransomware like Petya and WannaCry attacking high profile government units in Ukraine, London, and many others, no country today is safe against cyber threat. With India too embracing the digital revolution, this novel situation calls for a special attention to cyber security. For instance, post certification, most organizations fail to maintain security standards such as ISO 27001 and PCI DSS, leaving them susceptible to the dark web sharks. Delhi-based GIS Consulting is helping organizations maintain their information security by undertaking an in-depth gap analysis followed by an assessment by its propriety and ISO270001 compliant 'Secura' that assists CIOs and CISOs check their real-time ISMS compliance at the click of a button.

Cyber Security at its Best
Naveen Dham (CEO), a veteran security strategist and an experienced industry player of almost two decades, directs GIS to enable a profitable growth of the client’s business through his assorted offerings, namely network penetration security, network infra audits, WAPT, VAPT and several more. Once the ISO standard is implemented, the company is required to undergo
periodic maintenance and audits for a smooth up keep. Naveen carries out this audit by monitoring the compliances, assessing risk management process, information security, conducting periodic tests and suggesting improvements with respect to ISMS on a regular basis.

While prevention is always better than cure, companies do run into difficult situations like real time intrusion, and virus penetration to name a few

While prevention is always better than cure, companies do run into difficult situations like real time intrusion, and virus penetration to name a few. GIS fixes this anomaly by offering an effective, quick, affordable and independent (not relying on existing security tools) compromise assessment wherein a team of ethical hackers dig deep into the infrastructure from all possible areas using manual scripts and conduct an objective survey of unknown security breaches and unauthorized access, eventually plugging all the loopholes that might be causing the leak. “More specifically, the assessment seeks to find attackers who are currently in the environment or that have been active in the recent past,” explains Naveen.

With all the security measures in place, organizations can amp up on their onsite security, but the influx of employees can also act as a security breach or threat to confidential data. GIS’ employee forensics, an audit conducted by
using innovative tools to detect the behaviour of employee on the network, generates employee forensics reports, along with artefacts of data breach (if any) committed by the employees. It also helps companies gain maximum transparency over its employees & establish better control, track employee behaviour on digital assets, protect clients’ trade & financial secrets from falling into competition’s hand and even maintain live screenshots of specific employee crimes responsible for damaging company’s reputation.

Naveen and his team today helps top notch companies like Panasonic, Punj Lloyd and many more to focus on the core operation as GIS takes care of the companies compliances and ensures that their infrastructure is protected from cyber attacks. “None of our customers who opted for our regular maintenance program have ever been affected by any cyber attacks,” expounds Naveen. However, in rare case of virus attack, the affected system is isolated from the live environment followed by a compromise assessment and vulnerability assessment to patch up gaps if any. Spreading the knowledge, GIS not shares its wisdom with its clients but also with over 10,000 LinkedIn followers selflessly to help them gain rightful knowledge and avoid becoming prey to the cyber criminals. GIS has several alliances with UAE and Canada based organizations and experienced a revenue growth of 300 percent since last one year. “Now we aim to generate $5 million in five years,” says Naveen.