Global Technical Services: Offering Trained Man-Power and Modern Lubrication Equipments




Many organizations in the industrial manufacturing domain set out on the pathway, to invest in people and technologies, to meet their manufacturing capabilities and capacities. However, the lubrication component of the strategy, is more often than not, low on the appreciation scale and consequently their efforts do not always meet the expectations. Addressing this bottleneck, Mumbai based Global Technical Services (GTS) provides Professional Services to Industry on Total Lubrication Management (TLM) for improving Mechanical Maintenance and Machine Reliability. GTS offers `A Tool for cost cutting in Manufacturing' with a philosophy `Oil to a Machine is like blood to the Human Body'.

K.B. Mathur, a veteran from the oil industry, began his career in a renowned Oil Company. A few years later, he decided to step down from a high level Executive assignment to germinate the concept of TLM. In an era when Lubrication was one of the most neglected aspects of Mechanical Maintenance, GTS emerged as one of the first dedicated & professional lubrication services company in the year 2000.

Initially, when the concept of TLM was discussed with Management of cement plants, the idea although appreciated, wasn't backed. The benefits of scientific techniques to carry out lubrication were theoretically imagined, but not tangible as no data towards losses due to mechanical failure
was recorded by the industry. More so, lubricants consumption data was not available. Making a change in the culture and habitual routine is difficult and sometimes it's temporary. Before witnessing the benefits of good lubrication practices, maintenance crews felt that the concept of TLM is only theoretical and not applicable to core industries such as Cement, Steel and Mining. Soon, from being a Lubrication Consultant and Lubrication Auditing Firm, the industry made GTS become a valuable stake-holder and transformed to being a Service Provider. In the year 2006, GTS became a Service Provider for implementing TLM via out-sourced models on a `Single Window' basis, and soon most of the leading Cement, Steel and Mining companies gave the responsibility of the lubrication of their plants to GTS.

With industry 4.0 in sight, GTS is actively investing its resources to take TLM to the next level

TLM is a system that is implemented at a plant and each activity that needs to be performed as part of TLM is illustrated in the SOPs. This makes the implementation free of individual dependence while SOPs make TLM a robust practice. With Industry 4.0 in sight, GTS is actively investing its resources to take TLM to the next level. Works are underway to implement Industrial Internet of Things for not only the lubrication of machines, but also monitoring a machine's condition. Instead of monitoring an asset for long intervals, the machines embedded with smart sensors that send data to the cloud autonomously at regular intervals. Here, the machine analytical algorithms work 24x7 to analyze multiple parameters of the assets' working and their performance. The implementation of IoT makes Lubrication and plant reliability data collection safe and efficient with a high degree of dependability, thus making the over-all process cost effective.

Global Technical Services (GTS) offers TLM Services Pan India to almost all the leading Cement Plants, Mines, Metals processing Plants and Refineries. The prime objective has always been improving machine reliability and availability. GTS also sets up on-site used oil analysis for customers to access asset condition. This organization is an emerging Service Provider in the field of Lubrication Services and among the largest Lubrication services provider globally. Collaboratively working with world leaders, GTS has access to the best technologies and offerings from global leaders in Filtration, Vibration analysis, Oil Analysis and Oil wear sensors. Over the last two decades, Global Technical Services has emerged as one of the most valuable Lubrication and Plant Reliability Company not only in India, but also globally.