GMI Research: Offering independent fact-based insights

Mohammad Shahid,Vice President

Mohammad Shahid

Vice President

The input of Market research cannot be underestimated in a competitive business world. Many successful new businesses enjoy longevity because management conduct regular market research to understand their target market, identify consumer problems and pinpoint realistic competitors. More importantly, conducting market research is the simplest way for entrepreneurs to keep up with market trends and maintain a competitive edge by sizing up their business opportunity.

Based out of Gurgaon, GMI Research is one such market research and consulting firm which provides research-based solutions to business executives and investment professionals so that they can make prudent business & investment decisions faster based on real facts. The company helps business leaders through independent fact-based insight, ensuring their business achieve success by beating the competition. “The current market research landscape is very competitive in India especially the syndicate research market as most of the market research companies are providing vanilla services like syndicate research. We see
opportunities in the customized research segment; where by the clients conduct customized research which feed it into the business plan and business decision are based on that,” explicates Mohammad Shahid, Vice President.Mr. Shahid heads the Indian operation and he is responsible for bottom line through value-based associations. He brings 10+ years of research and consulting experience to GMI Research.

GMI Research provides 360-degree research solutions ensuring high quality reports to help clients in making sound business decisions

Serving global clients through research-based solutions, GMI Research offers syndicated research report, customized research, sales enablement research, data analytics and Knowledge Services across Electronics & Semiconductors, Information Communication and Technology, Energy & Power, Healthcare, Automotive, Transportation & Logistics and Chemical industries.

GMI Research is backed by a competent team with extensive experience in research and consulting. They deliver a strong value proposition to create solutions that addresses the clients’ business problems and add significant value to long lasting relationship. “Our team provides 360-degree research solutions ensuring high quality
reports to help the clients in making sound business decisions,” says Shahid.

The Flagship Offerings
Speaking on the client challenges, Shahid informs, “The biggest challenge that our clients face today is data quality.” Most of the corporates majorly focuses on market intelligence how evern eglecting the importance of competitive intelligence which results in losing market share and declining revenues. With core competence in providing Competitive Intelligence and Market Intelligence, team at GMI Research assist clients with insights which keeps them abreast of competition.

The solutions provided by GMI Research are all technologically advanced. In fact, the whole organization runs on secured Microsoft Office 365 cloud platform. As data is the backbone of any research company so the security of data. In GMI Research, physical and digital access is restricted by using the latest technologies such as biometrics access control and fingerprints enabled laptops, firewalls, and others. “We make sure that the employees are trained in the latest technologies and are aware of the industry trends. We conduct regular training sessions and workshops. We also take up individual training requirement request from employees, he adds. In a nutshell, GMI Research follows a flat structure where people with constructive ideas are welcomed.

Serving major clients including renowned Fortune 100 companies, companies that are a part of Technology, Chemicals and Healthcare, the future of GMI Research looks bright indeed!