GNSM: Back-end Service Providers for eCommerce Companies

  Abhay Rana,    CEOOne of the leading digital service provider that offers state of the art services in the HR Services, Warehousing, Talent Acquisition, Technology Staffing, Ecommerce Back-end, Learning& Development, Manpower supply is what best defines Global Network and Supply Management (GNSM). The company commenced its operations with the vision to bridge the gap between the sellers and e-commerce platforms. Since its inception, it has served several vendors in India and abroad with both branded and non-branded products spread across all categories. “At present, we are helping sellers to sell their product across the world. We have seen a positive response from countries like China, Korea, Japan, Brazil, Australia and European countries. The USA is the largest market for our vendors,” says Abhay Rana, CEO. GNSM has also ventured out in the areas of digital marketing, HR and Learning & Development services working for many global IT Companies.

The success of GNSM is entirely based on the key pillars of its
business-clients and employees. Over the years,it has built a strong robust experience of providing digitally enabled market leading services over several years that is unparallel in the industry.“Our strong ethics and focus on quality have enabled us to provide managed services to industry leading clients,” he asserts.

Presently, GNSM operates out of Mumbai and London; however it has plans to open more offices in International markets in the near future

GNSM offers a diverse set of HR and Learning & Development Services; excels in manpower supply services. Besides, it offers smart warehousing solutions across India. It is known to be an authorized Service Provider Network(SPN)for Amazon as well. Each vertical is managed by professionals with strong vertical experience spanning across several years. “We got the first mover advantage as being the first company to provide this set of a portfolio of services in India. We faced a lot of challenges which we were able to overcome with the help of major e-commerce platforms,” he mentions.

With an end-to-end solution, team GNSM is able to provide a complete portfolio of services. The USP of the company is customised end-to-end globale-commerce
solution at a competitive rate.

The Journey
GNSM has been able to create a positive image in the minds of the consumers due to its focus on quality driven delivery approach. The company presently serves vendors across the world. As part of its CSR activities, it helps various NGO’s to generate revenue by selling products across the world.

With the passage of time, GNSM has witnessed consistent growth in terms of geographical expansion. In the last few years, it has catered its services to clients across all the six continents. The company’s clients include NGOs, government organisations, Private brands, MNC’s, and others. “We expect this growth trajectory to continue in the near future and very possibly result in an exponential growth of the organisation given the pipeline of work that is building up in the innovation stream,” he adds.

The company currently works on a self-sustaining model.The initial investments were done by sister concerns Economic Industries and Abhay Rana Infra Services Pvt.Ltd.

Presently, GNSM operates out of Mumbai and London; however, it has plans to open more offices in International markets in the near future. “We are investing heavilyin Research & Development to introduce innovation in a number of market sectors. This includes our plan to launch an innovative service related e-commerce platform in this year,” he concludes.