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In line with the digital revolution, the e-commerce industry is undergoing a massive shift and taking in all the modern counter parts along the way. It is as if the business ecosystem of the country has been through a transformation and has completely changed the way business processes are looked at. Go Online, an e-commerce consultant dedicated to providing services to small and medium sized businesses in order to help them grow their business and create an online presence to sustain in the market. Co-founders observed a vacuum in the accessibility for the small and medium sized enterprises to e-commerce platforms.

"Accounting in ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon, flipkart etc is one of the biggest challenges for a seller. Understanding this problem in depth we developed a tool/software where we integrate all the ecommerce orders, payments, logistic charges, marketplace charges at one click with accounting softwares like Tally, Focus etc. With these add ons no manual entry Is required. Similarly we have developed
various tools like omni channel inventory management, buy box analyser, Amazon keyword tool, inventory suggestion tool etc. To encapsulate We have created an ecosystem where every single work involved with ecommerce management/growth will be taken care by us using Tech and ecommerce experts in our team." Says Tejas Poojara, Co-Founder, Go Online.

When Go Online hit the market the industry of e-commerce was raw and fragmented and the number of consultants were close to none

Understanding the MarketWhen Go Online hit the market the industry of e-commerce was raw and fragmented and the number of consultants were close to none. The management came home with the problems faced by the small and medium sized sellers when they opt to sell their products on the e-commerce platforms. They realised that the IT department of the company should be the backbone to smoothen up the work which currently no ecommerce consultant is concentrating on.

Tejas states, "Initially we started this business as strategists and we understood that companies don't have access to proper infrastructure to conduct better business at e-commerce platforms even with good strategies. In the beginning our account management services included sales boosting, Inventory
management, Reurns/Claim management etc but then we realised that it was not even close to what was needed. So, we started developing an IT team. We understood that if our IT is strong, we can increase the efficacy. Once we had our delivery in place, we started with the marketing. We have our sales representatives in lot of the metro cities. We are a crazy bunch of people trying to solve every problem in the business and the team comprises of Ecommerce experts for strategizing and sales boosting, Creative team has Content Writers and Graphic designers for Amazing listing and catalogues, Digital Marketing personnel and Account managers for daily operations and Coders /Software engineers taking care of IT department of Go Online."

Mapping the Growth
The way Go Online claims to be different is the way they are not only strategizing and taking care of all the daily operations in the business but at the same time they are bringing in technology in the game and automating the processes whereas the competitors might only give basic services. From last year, the start-up has grown almost 400 percent and is in the process of recruitment every month as of now. When asked about the investment Tejas stated "The company has bootstrapped itself from the initial stage and has come a long way since then. We would want to be associated with an investor who would add strategic value to the company"And he concluded by saying " We would look forward to help sellers grow in every possible way"