Golden Hills Capital: Enabling Data Driven Decision Making

Suresh Raju, Founder & Director

Suresh Raju

Founder & Director

‘Gut feeling’ has always played a rather significant role in the world of business. Be it game changers such as Steve Jobs and Richard Branson or regular everyday business men, a large percentage of them have relied on their instincts to make critical business decisions. However, in today’s business environment, where the stakes are higher than ever and BI has disrupted the market, companies rely heavily on data analytics and research services to gain vital insights. “With ever increasing volume of information and complexity of data, utilization of decision-enabling analytics/research has become critical to identify trends/patterns and to manage risk for delivering target performance,” explains Suresh Raju, Founder & Director, Golden Hills Capital India, a provider of bespoke data analytics and research services.

Founded in 2014, the firm has developed a comprehensive suite of solutions ranging from consulting services to institutional grade research, efficient data management and decision-enabling analytics enhanced by machine learning architecture. Leveraging its customized research, real time insights and analytics capabilities, the firm empowers its clients to understand markets, trends, customers, industries and regions. Based in Hyderabad, the company has built a global clientele spanning across New
York City, Boston, Hong Kong and London.

its customized research, real time insights and analytics capabilities, the firm empowers its clients to understand markets, trends, customers, industries and regions

Building Diversified Domain Expertise
Tracing its roots to humble beginnings, Golden Hills initiated its journey by addressing data management and core analytics’ needs of hedge funds. The firm has since worked towards becoming a diversified solutions provider catering not only to financial services industry but to the larger group of companies ranging from consumer product companies, consulting firms, and marketing analytics to healthcare analytics. Golden Hills today holds deep domain expertise to support investors, fund managers in financial services sector, FMCG companies, marketing and healthcare organizations. Armed with a comprehensive and competent team of financial analysts, business management & strategy experience professionals, data scientists and technology professionals with skills in Python, R, ETL tools, Tableau and other relevant programming tools and software, Golden Hills has built a long list of satisfied customers.

Services for the Evolving Business World
Be it traditional means or new age techniques, research has always been an imperative to making smart business decisions. “The market research model is evolving by combining the
traditional form of research with the newly emerging forms of research like social research and the more powerful data science research. We are positioned to address this market opportunity,” explains Suresh.

Holding expertise in various forms of research, Golden Hills’ fundamental research allows investors to develop an understanding of the key value drivers and competitive landscape within an industry. The firm also leverages the proliferation of social media and offers services for aggregating social media data related to specific events or issues and supporting analysis along spatial, temporal, thematic, and sentiment/psychosocial dimensions.

Having developed advanced analytics capabilities built on the foundation of big data, machine learning and predictive analytics, the firm enables businesses to draw accurate and relevant insights. Through its data management and reconciliation services, the company allows clients to focus on their core business while their comprehensive data management solutions are taken care of. Through its descriptive analytics services, the firm makes a summary of historical data to yield useful information, data aggregation and data mining methods to organize data and make identify patterns and relationships. Holding expertise in portfolio optimization, user behavior modelling solutions, and predictive model/machine learning solutions, Golden Hills enables clients to analyze and understand their existing data and build real-time predictive models. With a single minded focus on providing ‘Next-Gen Market Research’to its clients, Golden Hills has built a robust position for itself in the market.