GSD Consultants: Refurbishing The Engineering Consultancy Domain In The Global Landscape

Shekhar M Dhurii,Executive Director

Shekhar M Dhurii

Executive Director

With the introduction of innovative technologies every other day, the industry is eager to utilize them for reaping advanced and efficacious results. Aligning the contemporary technologies across the various industry verticals, the engineering consultancy sector is witnessing a major intensification in the past few years. Implementing new-age engineering consultancy solutions to anticipate project execution strategies of various companies, GSD Consultants is refurbishing the engineering consultancy domain in the global landscape by providing Design Engineering Services for the Oil & Gas Industry, Petrochemical Plants to EPC contractors, and Detail Engineering Organisations.

Founded with an objective to provide complete engineering design to the customers lacking adequate in-house engineering capabilities and resources to execute the challenging projects, GSD Consultants intends to adlib the expenses of the staff-based employments in the industry especially during the competitive market.

Providing Advance Engineering Solutions
Equipped to undertake Design Engineering Services in the areas of General Engineering Management, Process design and Control, Technical safety / Loss prevention design, Electrical and Instrumentation, Piping and Pipeline, Stress Analysis, Material selection and Corrosion controls, Design Drafting and more, GSD Consultants adorns a team of the experienced engineers and designers who are competent to provide Advance Engineering Solutions in various stages of the Oil and Gas Projects.

Led and guided by the expertise of Shekhar M Dhurii (Executive Director, GSD Consultants), a Chemical Engineering post-graduate, the firm has successfully delivered many premium international projects such for Indian, Middle East and Europe based Clients such as Lamprell Energy Limited, Pall Corporation, Finepac Structures, Penspen International, ExidaSP Consultants, NOV FibreGlass, Ferrofab FZE, UOP Honeywell.

"We started doing this in 2016 with established offices in UAE with support of full time experienced engineering team based in Mumbai. Presently, GSD Engineering Consultant is equipped to undertake various in-house projects especially in the field of Engineering Management, Process engineering design with drafting, Material selection and Corrosion control, along with piping design - Stress Analysis. At present various other in-house technical expertise in the field of Mechanical, Civil, E&I engineering are being developed internally.
However, we have Associate companies (in UAE and India) to support in these disciplines where we form Project-based consortium. We undertake services on Lump Sum or Man-hour basis as per the client's requirements. Engineering services can be provided to the client office, any third-party office, project site or in our design office as per the client's expectations. Our company also provides manpower supply/support to clients for their own short or long-term assignments," states Shekhar.

Investing In Technology
To support its customers, GSD Consultants can take small-term or long-term assignments aided by its team of experienced engineers and designers who are competent to support our clients in the successful implementation of all stages of their projects, from concept up to the completion of the project. The various design stages covered by it include Concept and Feasibility, Front End Engineering Design (FEED), and Detail Engineering.

Our greatest asset is a corporate culture that cultivates a diversity of backgrounds, experience, and views

"Wherein Concept and Feasibility includes Process Scheme optimization, Layout development, Identification of Long lead items, Project schedule assessment, Preparation of Survey scopes of work, Development of risk mitigation plans, Project Execution Plan, Basis of design Preparation and more, Front End Engineering Design consists of Preparation of the Plant Philosophies (Isolation, relief and blow down, ESD, Plant Operation and Control philosophy), Issue of enquiries for long lead or high-cost items, Piping / Equipment Material Selection, Preparation of FEED P&IDs, Equipment datasheets, Package specifications, Layout Finalization, Equipment list, Utility load list, Chemical summary and so on.

Detailed Design is the essential bridge between the FEED and the construction phases. Our team of reliable and experienced engineers & designers are fully capable of delivering the complete Detailed Engineering Design package defining all details necessary for construction by using Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools. We adhere to relevant standards, specifications, procedures & regulations", avers Shekhar.

Thriving Upon Challenge
Staying loyal to the customers by restraining from over-committing about the solutions and services to be delivered, GSD Consultants has maintained reliable and honest work ethics. Constantly working on upgrading the expertise through robust designs, the company has recently developed an innovative technique known as computational fluid dynamics tool for generating more refined output for the customers. "In last three years our revenue has been consistently enhancing as we target around $250,000 to $275,000 revenue per annum. As I believe in slow and steady development, I would like to maintain this revenue growth for a year or two.

So, maybe after three years I want to go to achieve the next leap by advancing towards a margin of $500,000 to $750,000 and achieve 1 million mark in a span of five years. Through our recent initiatives such as computational fluid dynamics, specialist process internals' designs, we have started supporting our clients. We apply state-of-the-art technologies whilst adopting an exceptional quality assurance system and seeking innovation and improvement. We thrive upon challenge and accomplishment. By keeping pace with my design expertise, in the future my vision is to venture into the manufacturing of these components. As I have the design knowledge, after having enough capital, my aim is to collaborate with manufacturing of my designs with continuous product developments," concludes Shekhar.

Shekhar M Dhurii, Executive Director
Office: UAE
Offerings: Engineering Management Services, Process Design/Controls Services, Technical Safety/Loss Prevention Services, Material Selection & Corrosion Control Services, Drafting, Electrical Design Services and Instrumentation & Control