HaamRuResearch: Actionable views of current market conditions & future market opportunities

Jawad Meddekar, FounderOver the past two decades, the proliferation of digital technologies has occupied a dominant position. The technology is evolving at break neck speed. Post digitization, Intelligence is seen as the next evolution in the coming years. Disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Intelligent Analytics, Hyper Converge Infrastructure, cloud, Mixed Reality and IoT are changing the business landscape. The industry experts at HaamRu Research are continually tracking technology and product developments trends across organizations and are well positioned to analyze and predict technology/ market trends as well as identify strategic opportunities and critical success factors required to achieve growth.

Established in the year 2016, HaamRu is known to help Information technology and financial service providers by providing in-depth analysis and research of future technology which are likely to disrupt future. The company provides global industry analysis, insights into emerging technologies, technology convergence and other
cutting-edge technology developments that are driving creation of newer products and services. “When most of the market research companies provide reports pertaining to market size, market potential, and geographic analysis, we focus on technology research, how technologies are evolving, what kind of challenges are embracing it and what kind of developments are happening,” informs JawadMeddekar, Founder, HaamRu Research.

HaamRu Research provides global industry analysis, insights into emerging technologies, technology convergence and other cutting-edge technology developments

Primarily, any small and medium IT solution /product providers despite excellent offerings lag behind to be called as enterprise ready. They lack a proper roadmap on how to take product/service forward. The HaamRu Research team understands their products, do competitor analysis and then provide them a clear roadmap. “We help companies in developing roadmap for their product/services (focused reports) by looking into market trend, patent analysis, competitor offerings and amongst others. In addition, we also closely look at vertical markets and connected industries to provide a
holistic view of the ICT Industry,” says Jawad.

An Array of Market Research Services
Using a cost-effective model, HaamRu offers disruptive technology service and Technology Innovation service. The service embodies the latest in emerging technologies and offers extraordinary strategic growth channels and opportunities.

When it comes to Technology Innovation services, team HaamRu does a detailed analysis of companies doing ground-breaking work in top technologies along with analysis of top technologies covering (but not limited) regional adoption, funding trend, patent, business impact, innovative companies. In case of Disruptive Technology Services, HaamRu bases the core value of their research on a highly selective collection of emerging and disruptive technologies and innovations that are likely to transform the world in the near future.

Each consulting engagement is led by an experienced project manager and includes detailed project plan featuring key objectives, milestones, schedule of update meetings and interim deliverables, and research methodologies to be employed during the course of the project.

With qualitative research methodologies, HaamRu’svisionary growth strategies to their clients to empower their future are surely paving way for them to see the brightest future!