IACG: Innovating Collaborative Solutions

Dr. Dinesh Chauhan,CEO & Director

Dr. Dinesh Chauhan

CEO & Director

As the population soar up the tautness of meeting food expectations also rises. In the last decades, several initiatives have been taken to measure up this obligatory. Hat tip to the constant innovation and technological progress that have enabled the society to still stand stable in terms of agricultural production! However, the native land is not entirely hunger and malnutrition free. Limited cultivable land, weather conditions and low tech farming practices are some of the obstacles that prevails in the ecosystem.

Taking note of the seriousness of the situation, ICAR and ICRI SAT conducted a convention which included diplomats from Africa and South Asia. This high powered meeting did mark the evolution of IACG a firm that zeros on marshalling latest technologies from India and abroad. The main motif of originating this institute was to enable technology transfer from foreign land to India and from India to South Asian and African regions

The originators of the IACG do possess wide knowledge about the agricultural realm. As for years they have been actively and effectively working in this space. Their core intention has been to fortify the backbone of the country's economy by straightening and bolstering the agrarian society. "India has more technological and agricultural power than we usually estimate it to have. It's time we not only incorporate these boons for the
welfare of our country as well as the other nations in need. Thus in IACG we not only work for the betterment of the sec tor but also manoeuvre to implement the benefits of up-to-date technology both in Indian and foreign soils,"states Dr. Dinesh Chauhan, CEO and Director, International Agriculture Consulting Group.

In the years to come, IACG aims to incorporate and implement technologies like IoT and SAAS in AgTech and extend its reach to US and Middle East

The company's four operational areas are Market research, Business Facilitation, Farm Solutions and Global Agtech events. Through which it is mitigating the gap between technology providers and recipients. In the main, IACG analyses the requirements of the clients and drafts the best solution to cater their needs. The company is at present working on large scale farming projects in Angola, where its endeavour is to devise an integrated farming model, Pasta processing and packaging unit. These facilities will accoutre both cultivators and end users with highquality produce. "We shepherd our clients towards the best and fitting technologies and solutions. Our up-to-date equipments are designed to boost the yield of durum wheat, potato, beans and other horticultural crops. Our overall focus is to provide competent consulting services to support agriculture and agribusiness sector," he quotes. Over and above that the company stalwartly stimulates the concept of FAO South plan. By means of this theory, it envisages introduce climate adaptable crops, agricultural practices that are up to the standards, and various other applications that can promote growth and development of the discipline worldwide.

The credit for the par excellence stature of IACG should be given to its dexterous and virtuous team which comprises of past masters from USA, Israel, China, Hong Kong, Australia, France, India and other provinces. It has served clients and worked for various projects in India, Sudan, Ethiopia, Mozambique, and Angola. Likewise, it has accelerated investments in agriculture and food processing sectors in countries namely Ghana, Zambia, Kazakhstan and others. Over the years, its revenue has grown extensively, witnessing a twofold increase every year. Rooted in India, it has stretched itself overseas and set its foot in Africa, Middle East to United States and China to Latin America.

In the years to come, the company aims to incorporate and implement technologies like IoT and SAAS in AgTech and extend its reach to US and Middle East. The prime movers aim to see IACG become the best agricultural consultancy firm in the world.