IBU Consulting: Empowering Growth Through Precision, Innovation & Strategic Vision

 Loknath Tiwari, Founder,   Keshav Tiwari, Director

Loknath Tiwari, Founder

Keshav Tiwari, Director

In the dynamic realm of IT recruitment consultancy, the ever evolving landscape of technology necessitates a keen understanding of emerging trends, skill sets, and evolving job roles. Firms operating in this space grapple with the perpetual challenge of identifying and acquiring top-tier talent with proficiency in cutting-edge technologies. A competent IT recruitment firm becomes indispensable in navigating these challenges, acting as a strategic partner equipped to source, assess, and secure the right talent. With offices in India, UK, USA, UAE, Germany and Australia, IBU Consulting is a globally recognized IT recruitment consulting powerhouse.

A Saga of Excellence, Innovation & Global Partnership
“Founded with a strategic focus on addressing critical business needs, the company's inception was fueled by a fervent passion for innovation, client-centric values, ethical integrity, and a far-reaching global perspective. We implement stringent protocols, continuous training initiatives, proactive client engagement, and cutting-edge technological innovation to help attain organizational goals”, informs Keshav Tiwari, Director of IBU Consulting.

IBU Consulting distinguishes itself in the market through a unique fusion of business acumen, industry expertise, innovation, and client centric commitment. “ IBU Consulting emerges as the definitive partner for organizations seeking to harness the power of Cybersecurity, Generative AI, and DevOps. We are dedicated to excellence and transformative vision and position ourselves as partner in the dynamic landscape of technology and digital transformation”, adds Keshav.

Boosting DevOps Efficiency
In the realm of technological empowerment,
IBU Consulting stands as a beacon of excellence, offering organizations a transformative experience in automating and streamlining the DevOps pipelines. The company ensures that organizations under its guidance are well-equipped at navigating the intricacies of modern software development, thereby reaping the full spectrum of benefits derived from robust DevOps practices.

Success Stories
IBU Consulting, under adept leadership, propelled significant DevOps transformations, exemplified by Project Alpha (2020-2021) and Initiative Beta(2019-2020). Notably, Project Alpha orchestrated a 60 percent reduction in release cycles and a 40 percent surge in feature deployment, while Initiative Beta achieved a threefold increase in scalability and a 70 percent reduction in downtime. These triumphs underscore the pivotal roles of collaboration, automated testing, containerization, and proactive monitoring in optimizing operational efficiency and system resilience.

Keshav Tiwari, Director

“At IBU Consulting, our commitment to excellence goes beyond services, permeating the very fabric of our client interactions. Every phase of engagement reflects our relentless dedication to client’s satisfaction, the quality of our deliverables, and the cultivation of a relationship founded on trust and shared success", asserts Keshav.

Visionary Expertise Unleashed
At IBU Consulting, the core leadership team, comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive expertise across diverse domains stands as the driving force behind the achievements. Founder Loknath Tiwari, has over two decades of consulting industry experience, provides visionary leadership and a profound understanding of market dynamics. His strategic acumen has been instrumental in guiding IBU Consulting towards sustainable growth and market prominence. Director Keshav Tiwari oversees day-to-day operations, ensuring seamless project execution with proficiency in operational efficiency and process optimization.

The Robust Way Ahead
IBU Consulting's future roadmap is a testament to its unwavering commitment to growth, innovation, and client-centricity. The company plans to expanding its portfolio, venturing into new markets, and catalyzing positive change and ethical standards within the industries it operates. IBU Consulting strives to be at the forefront of transformative initiatives, aligning the organization’s goals with a dynamic vision that ensures success and meaningful contributions to the evolving landscape of industries.