P&R Immigration Corporation: Assisting to Achieve Canadian Immigration Dream and to Find Jobs in the Respective Field

Ram Babbar,Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Ram Babbar

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Being a popular immigration destination, Canada attracts thousands of applications every year from immigration hopefuls around the world. Out of these, only handfuls are selected. The most common reason is the approach of applicants as many generally doesn’t follow the rules as strictly as they should be followed. P&R Immigration Corporation, headquartered in Canada with branch office at New Delhi, is a unique immigration consultant having expertise in providing better solutions for processing of visas. The company is globally leading visa specialist and is helping people in achieving their dreams of Canada PR.

"P stands for(Professional)& R stands for(Reliable), P&R is a company of professional & reliable experts. P&R motto is to give professional and reliable services to its clients that's why each and every team member works hard with honesty and integrity towards the success of client's Canadian immigration dream", explained Ram Babbar, Director, P& R Immigration Corporation.

Different Immigration Programs
P&R are committed to their clients for world-class immigration services. Firstly, the company helps students to get admission to the Canadian education system. The Canadian education system draws students from all over the world and is maintained to a high standard by each of the provinces and territories. But, in order to get admitted to a Canadian tertiary education institution, there are requirements students will have to meet,

whether it is an undergraduate or a postgraduate program. P&R Immigration has a comprehensive support right from assessing one's profile to judge their eligibility to submission of the profile and subsequent follow-up.

P&R has created a rapport with co-professionals around the world which has given the company ability to learn quickly and accurately of changes to the immigration requirements

Furthermore, P&R Immigration helps also applicants in finding a job and reduces the wait for their Permanent Residency visa in Canada. The company offers various services and assistance which include labor market impact assessment, work permit applications, and international police clearance assistance. The offer of employment is genuine and comes from a legitimate Canadian employer who ensures that talent meets the right company, position, salary and expected satisfaction at work. More so, P&R analyzes the needs of high net worth individuals who are interested in obtaining foreign residency and/or citizenship. The company offer advice and support on available programs and provide them with customized solutions. Whether a client is interested in mobility, a place to raise a family or to start a business, P&R Corp Canada Capital can assist in determining the finest options.

Moreover, P&R Immigration Corporation has regulated Canadian Immigration consultant and member of ICCRC AND CAPIC. The company's confidentiality is one of the main objectives and therefore all information submitted by their clients is considered privileged material. P&R's role is to represent each case in the strongest light possible and to act as a liaison between the client and the immigration authorities, thereby saving ones' time, money and exasperation. And because of their work ethics, P&R has created a rapport with Co-Professionals around the world which has given the company ability to learn quickly and accurately of changes to the immigration requirements. This knowledge allows P& R to process applications as quickly and as smoothly as possible and help their clients to migrate without any hurdle.