Indian Cyber Security Solutions: Quantifying Cyber Risk Through Cyber Security Consultation

Abhishek Mitra,  Founder and CEO

Abhishek Mitra

Founder and CEO

Cyber Security is a topic practically every company must tackle in order to ensure and enhance the success of the digital transformation of their operational activities like automated processes, cloud-based tools, or software support. Looking at the growing trend of digitalization, today majority of the companies are adopting digitized information and sharing massive amounts of data in an external and internal environment which makes them vulnerable to cybercrime. Hence, they are looking for consultants who can help them in risk management and manage their every security aspect. Indian Cyber Security Solutions also known as ICSS is an emerging organization that caters to the need for technology-based risk management and cyber security solutions across the globe.

Established in 2016, the firm has gathered a good deal of momentum over a short period of time and has reached a distinguished position in this segment of the country. The company has a presence in Bangalore and Kolkata. The company provides vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services making cyber security convenient for every organization. Many private and government organizations across the globe are leveraging services from Indian Cyber Security Solutions. The company has more than 200 satisfied clients across the globe. “We develop and mature your organization’s security posture through improved processes and technologies that level up threat detection, containment, and remediation capabilities”, says Abhishek Mitra, Founder and CEO, Indian Cyber Security Solutions.
Implementing Better Security Measure
Along with offering cyber security managed services, the company also provides training in cyber security and technical education from industry experts. Indian Cyber Security Solutions provides training in Ethical Hacking, IoT, Cloud Computing technologies like AWS and Azure, Machine Learning, Python Programming Language, CCNA, Blockchain, and many other upcoming technologies where cyber security plays a vital role. The R&D department of Indian Cyber Security Solutions relies heavily on its training division as young students here innovate new solutions that help the firm build a strong technical team ready to accept new challenges.

Icss provides hands-on Support to implement Critical changes & best Practices for functional & staff readiness in Organizations

The company has developed a tool called SAVE which stands for Secure AI-based Vulnerability Assessment Tool for Enterprises. SAVE provides realtime data analytics through which decision-makers will have a common language ready for C-Suite and Board conversations, hence ensuring a complete understanding of cyber risks in an organization. Since its inception, the company applies its frontline expertise to help organizations in transforming their cyber defense capabilities to mitigate threats and reduce business risk before, during, and after an incident.

Indian Cyber Security Solutions is coming up as the first choice for enterprises that are looking for effective penetration testing services to test their IT infrastructure. The expert team at ICSS conducts Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing to understand the security posture of the organizations and rates their vulnerabilities based on the level of criticality. Its team of penetration testers has worked in various industries ranging from manufacturing to the banking sector and has secured applications and networks on various platforms. The company has also integrated AI and ML into cyber security services.

The enterprise is constantly evaluating security systems and creating layers of protection in a rapidly changing technology environment. The vision of Indian Cyber Security Solutions is to make digital India hackproof and keeping that vision in mind the firm is on a continuous journey to build a team of ethical hackers. Moving forward, the company is aiming to make security more convenient for small startups and other organizations in the coming future.