Indus Consultrans: Transcending Your Expectations

M.I.S. Saini, MD ,Vijyant Bhardwaj, Director

M.I.S. Saini, MD

Vijyant Bhardwaj, Director

India is witnessing strides in infrastructure work with an ever-in-creasing degree of challenge in the implementation of transportation-related projects The project under execution and on the horizon, whether in the urban sector (MRTS) or high-ways and railways are incorporating underground works like tunnels, stations, caverns, etc. The road and rail sector are also incorporating longer tunnels as important features to over-come the complex challenges in the course of creating world-class infra-structure. The clamour for shrinking usable urban-space makes under-ground construction the favoured solution in the future. This varied opportunity in the market and experience of working in international JV for Delhi's first underground metro while heading the Country's first Monorail in Mumbai triggered the professionals with the multifarious experience to set up a Design & Engineering company. With this thought, came forth the Indus Consultrans-A vibrant enterprise to wholesomely address the need for infrastructure industry in selected areas.

The company was conceptualized in 2010, to address the emerging opportunities in Design, Engineering, Project Development, Project Management, MRTS, and Under-ground Construction with the latest techniques. In the brief span, it has worked on a large number of Design and consultancy projects delivered to world-class engineering standards.
It is recognized as a premier multi-disciplinary consultancy organization that comprises consulting engineers, designers' planners and project managers providing tailor-made solutions. The team together brings rich experience gained in the pioneering metro, tunnelling in all facets like NATM, TBM, steel structures and railways. It manages projects from inception to delivery stage, which is the engrained feature for its services. The brand offers a wide range of consultancy services in the areas of civil, structural, electrical, transportation infrastructure and other related engineering disciplines with twin-focus on tunnelling/ under-ground construction on one hand and integrated mass rapid transit systems like metro, monorails etc., on the other hand. It provides feasibility, bid-level support, project structuring assistance, project management, construction supervision, and operation maintenance services.

Scaling up to heights, its revenue flow has soared from INR 1.0 Crore in year 2011-12 to INR 6.5 Crore in year 2018-19

The company is entrusted with the detailed design work on Package 5 of MML3 as a crucial part of 27 km long Underground line III in Mumbai. "In the scope of work, we have designed two underground stations at Dharavi and Vidya Nagri and the mid ventilation shaft at the end of the contract. The solutions include Architectural and MEP services at Kolkata & Mumbai. We have delivered design work to internationally stringent yardsticks while overcoming the nightmare situation of utilities in Mumbai. With all this, tunnel under-passing Mithi Nadi with TBM machines and safeguard of vulnerable buildings was ensuring through carefully positioned solutions," says M.I.S Saini, MD.

The Gurgaon-based brand embraces state-of-art computer software for design and project management. It has collaborated with international best design companies for tunnel ventilation, simulations, data encryption, and data securitization. Scaling up to heights, its revenue flow has soared from 1.0 Crore in the year 2011-12 to Rs 6.5 Crore in the year 2018-19. "The client base has been enlarged and we have a pan-India presence with offices in Kolkata and Mumbai. Company has now made good inroads into railways design, elevated metro design, M&P, tunnel ventilation design and highways," he exclaims.

He further adds, "As the infrastructure implementation picks up, huge opportunities are emerging in transportation tunnels, metro construction, highways, and railways. We plan to consolidate and enhance our position in the core underground infrastructure domain while addressing all infrastructure projects under a complete array of services from inception to delivery."