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Manjunath M R,   CEO
Manjunath M R, CEO

IT Governance, in recent years, has made it possible for organizations to meet and realize their IT business value, and mitigate the risk associated with IT to fulfil different strategic objectives. However, the challenges for effectively governing an organization are IT that still remains a major concern for the Board and Executive management in many organizations. A number of researchers have attempted to develop holistic IT governance frameworks but there is still much room for improvement infusing IT governance into one process. It consists of the leadership, structures, and processes that enable the organization to make decisions to ensure that its IT sustains and extends its strategies and objectives to achieve plans.

This need of the hour is well-perceived by Bangalore-based Infoheal Technologies that acts as an internal IT department for businesses and provides them with a risk-free business environment. It not only brings IT Solutions and Information Security to organizations but also proffers
skills required to plan, assess, identify, monitor, manage and control risks. Info heal provides an array of technology consulting services, culture and values to put one into place. “We focus on end-to-end IT Solutions that enhance business productivity while addressing possible risks and security concerns that may harm company’s information assets, the main decision making drivers,” speaks Manjunath M R, CEO.

"Infoheal combines deep industry exper-tise, advanced analytics capabilities and human-centred approaches to help its clients shape their business strategies and drive growth"

One of the best IT Governance Consultants in India that assures quality services, Infoheal was established in March 2016. The company combines deep industry expertise, advanced analytics capabilities and human centred approaches to help its clients shape their business strategies and drive growth. Throwing light on this, Manjunath asserts, “In today's demanding and competitive business environment, ensuring Information Security and Risk Management integrated with the best technologies has become essential for large and small enterprises. Once implemented, there is a continuous need for auditing and testing these systems and controls to ensure that the organization remain conformant to the best industrial practices and regulatory requirements. “We defend the network, protect data,
and deliver what businesses need. We don't recommend anything unless it works. So we craft the infrastructure businesses need to reach success.

The Driving Force
The experienced team at Infoheal strives to exceed its customers’ expectations without compromising the project’s quality,cost and time. “We can acquire workplace and life skills across multiple areas of knowledge for success. These value-added employees, with their extraordinary profile, will receive the best opportunities in life,” he mentions.

Long life relationship and capacity building to its customers is the compass that drives team Infoheal. Over the years, the company has registered a decent growth in terms of revenue and workforce. Narra-ting the roadmap,Manjunath concludes, “Our roadmap may look like a static document but it is a living document subjected to changes. At the same time, it serves as a guide lest one be lost. It serves as an alarm clock reminding that deadlines for the first release are nearing and so on so that the teams can pull up their socks and achieve their vision in a timely manner. That generates excitement in the audience and is a beneficial exercising in gaining audience feedback and incorporating the same to roll out the best possible product version.”