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KR Sreenivasan,CEO & Founder

KR Sreenivasan

CEO & Founder

Be it a start-up planning to venture into a niche market space or a business eyeing on international markets to launch a new line of products, Infoholic Research discovers and delivers insightful and intelligent in the market research arena. Established in 2014, Bangalore headquartered Infoholic since inception has been responsible in providing research and market intelligence to customers in emerging and untapped markets, and also across niche technology verticals. Their seasoned expertise and efficacy to interpret customers’ respective requirements in a smart and insightful manner solidifies their position in the market research domain.

In an intelligent and interconnected world where the scope for market research is immense, more opportunities are created due to the digital disruption. In such a dynamic scenario, Infoholic essentially focuses on embracing change, adopting best practices and leveraging data insights to provide our customers a real picture of the market with validated data and information. “We innovate our research offerings to suit specific client needs, ensuring cost-effectiveness at the same time,” mentions KR Sreenivasan, CEO and Founder.
Actionable Insights for Businesses to win an edge over others
With result-oriented consultative guidance, Infoholic assist clients who have a limited timeline and budget to get the market information for a specific custom project. The team voluntarily takes up such critical time-bound assignments, ensuring highest accuracyat a value that does not defy their budget constraints.

Infoholic is on a mission to scale up their operations and expand their global reach to serve a wider array of clients in a more cohesive manner

Infoholic fills the gap for the customers with an optimum mix of young and experienced analysts, providing them innovative, agile yet reliable information. Being one-of-a-kind company, Infoholic’ sex pertise in country/ region-wise analysis, deep profiling of prospects and tracking tech-transitions adds a silver lining. “Our intent to proliferate across a plethora of companies and enhance their value is further validated by our affordable services and prompt turn-around time,” says Sreenivasan.

The Market Research Services
Infoholic offers syndicated and customized market research reports while adhering to the highest professional standards.Besides that, they offer a spectrum of consulting services aimed to serve any of the research requirements such as market entry strategies, competition tracking, M&A support, customer profiling, concept testing,
amongst others.

The company follows a Four-Wall research approach to identify competitive market trends from the end user perspective. This approach is said to be ideally devised for service domain clients. For product-driven companies, the team follows a Best Sourcing Country Analysis (BSCA) methodology and takes into account multiple hidden cost factors, risk factors and supply market capabilities.

In course of service delivery, Infoholic leverages various statistical and analytical customized tools to suit the methodology and modelling needs. They also have automated MS Office suite to reduce content creation time and improve accuracy. “Barring that, using standardized templates also reduces the scope of error. Utilizing various private and government database resources along with our extensive market reach across geographies helps us understand the market dynamics,” he states.

Being Technologically Sound!
Infoholic is on a mission to scale up their operations and expand their global reach to serve a wider array of clients in a more cohesive manner. For this purpose, the company conducts best practice sessions and write periodic /weekly articles based on recent industry happenings spanning the technology curve for the analysts.

Infoholic is working with prestigious companies such as Nissan, Panasonic, Huawei, NASSCOM, Delta, and many more. Recently, they had also become a Research Partner for the International Exhibition of National Security and Resilience (ISNR) Expo which was co-organized by the Ministry of Interior (MOI) in Abu Dhabi.