Infosite Services: Enriching Financial Status of Clients through its Array of Financial Services

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket" advised the legendary investor Warren Buffett many-a-times. But Dig Vijay learnt it the hard way. An investment-ignorant IT professional, he invested his entire savings to buy bonds of single infrastructure company in 2007, following his friend's advice while ignoring another's who suggested seeking a consultant's assistance.

Infosite’s ability to know the customer’s behaviour and buying decisions makes it more interactive with its customers and helps instil trust within them

But the global recession badly hit the infrastructure sector, gulping his lakhs of currency. Going the other way wouldn't have earmarked such a huge loss, just like many others who invests under the umbrella of financial consultants. Emerging as a new knight in financial consulting domain is Infosite Services Private Limited, a wealth management company with diversified business model including capital market advisor, financial products distribution, investment, telecom and lots more. Today the consultancy has emerged as one of the most trusted financial services providers in India with focus on growth and development of its stakeholders.

The Uniqueness
Founded by Ankita Mitra (Director,
Ankita Mitra,FounderNational Development & Planning) in 2012, the company provides its services in the form of various insurance policies, equities, and mutual funds. Being a leading insurance company, Infosite follows a balanced strategy which is supported by strong brand value and solid business model. The ability of the company to put itself in the customer's shoes, knowing what motivates the customer's behavior and buying decisions, and uncovering the real reasons why customers buy its product instead of its competitors, makes it more interactive with its customers and helps instill trust within them. "Our high quality brand provides loyalty to our esteemed customers and stimulates interest in a broad range of products and services. Our brand will grow market share value through a combination of local presence and global positioning," asserts Ankita.

Customer Centric Services
The most prominent services of the company include insurance like life
insurance and general insurance, mutual funds, equity, and telecom services. The company has a team of experts who help shareholders in knowing the market value at the time of purchase and sale."There are various kinds of policies and mutual funds available depending upon the affordability of the person who wants to buy them. Our dedicated team of professionals will help every client in the most suitable way with their knowledge and proficiency so that they can choose to purchase the best one according to their requirement," explains Ankita. Customer satisfaction being the major aim of the company, Infosite provides high quality work at pocket friendly rates by relying on the efficiency and knowledge of its performance to achieve results. The company also makes it a point to deliver the assigned work within the stipulated time period, which provides a wider business opportunity for future.

Based out of Kolkata, the company has two more offices in Bhubaneswar and Durgapur, and has served more than 3000 retail and HNI clients. With the issues like consumer sentiments, cyber crimes, heightened regulatory scrutiny and pressure of continuation of low interest rates still very adamant in the financial sector, Infosite now looks to tackle these issues with its well trained employees and create more 11 branches in east India to prove its worth in the financial market and reach the zenith by doing all work in perfect ways.