Inqsights: Revolutionizing HR Consulting with Industry - Agnostic Data-driven Solutions

 Nitin Dheer,   Founder & Lead Consultant

Nitin Dheer

Founder & Lead Consultant

Post the pandemic, sudden economic dip, layoffs and job-crisis, Human Resources (HR) consulting is no more a good-to-have aspect for an organization, it has become a must-have to ensure business continuity. Focusing on the management and optimization of an organization's human capital, HR consultants have become integral partners in guiding businesses. A competent HR consulting partner plays a pivotal role in talent management, remote work strategies, crisis management, employee well-being, conducive culture, L&D, and more. Nitin Dheer is one such consultant bringing a paradigm shift in the HR consulting landscape using technology. He is the Founder and Lead Consultant of Inqubex People Solutions and Inqsights.

The company, originally established in India in 2009 under the name Inqubex, has expanded its operations globally, including the UAE and the UK under the brand name Inqsights. Both the agencies work together to provide high value solutions by combining advice, data, and technology.

Nitin's foray into entrepreneurship was prompted from a vision to establish a client-centric HR consulting firm that is driven by data and analytics. Drawing from his experience of working for corporates and consulting firms, he identified the need for an enterprise committed to customer service and quality. Today, after almost 15 years, the company is an epitome for client-centricity and boasts an impressive retention rate. “75 percent of our annual business comes from our existing clients”, he remarks.

A Global Enterprise Firm

Inqsights is an enterprise-focused industry-agnostic HR consulting firm that caters to clients globally, delivering a comprehensive range of services across three key areas: organization design, talent management, and employee experience. However, what sets Inqsights apart is the innovation in service delivery and integration of technology.

In addition to traditional advisory services, Inqsights utilizes a suite of tech tools to enable its consulting services. The company leverages three core technology platforms a productivity engine, an assessment engine, and a survey platform all cloud-based and language adaptive. These technologies are designed for efficiency, offering fast and seamless implementation without the need for complex integrations with clients' existing systems. The productivity engine analyzes a company's human resource data to provide valuable insights into various aspects such
as productivity enhancements, salary distribution, work force allocation, skill gaps, and gender diversity.

The Assessment engine assists companies in evaluating both potential and current employees' skills and attitudes. Besides supporting recruitment, this tool also helps identify learning and development needs within the organization. By ensuring that training programs align with individual employee requirements, it contributes to the overall improvement of the workforce. Inqsights’ survey platform supports employee engagement and multi-source feedback. These tools help organizations to gain valuable insights into individuals and the company as a whole, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

For the future, Inqsights is investing heavily on building capabilities aligned towards equipping people with new-age skills essential for success in today's dynamic environment. Whether in marketing, digital realms, or fostering resilient mindsets, Inqsights’ learning academies aim to equip professionals with the tools they need to thrive.

With Inqsights, organizations can build competitive advantage through a competent & productive workforce

Differential Factors: Practical Solutions, Adaptability, & Diverse Team

Inqsights' unique selling propositions (USPs) revolve around practical, implementable solutions. Clients appreciate the team’s deep under standing of business dynamics, ensuring the advice provided aligns with the reality of implementation. Its strength is its diverse team, comprising traditional HR professionals, former entrepreneurs, gig workers, and more. This diversity ensures a holistic and client-centric perspective, allowing the company to provide tailored solutions aligned with the specific needs of its varied clientele.

Nitin adds, “Our focus on implementing solutions instead of just offering theoretical advice, sets us apart from traditional consulting firms”. He attributes the success to its diverse team, comprising professionals, entrepreneurs, and gig workers. The team's strength lies in a shared business acumen, irrespective of individual backgrounds. With a service-oriented mindset and a commitment to customer satisfaction, the team ensures high-quality solutions for clients.

Nitin clarifies that the company avoids transactional services such as recruitment, payroll administration, and background verification. This niche focus allows Inqsights to deliver specialized expertise to its clients.

Expanding Footprint & Future Roadmap

The company has a strategically located team with offices in the UAE, the UK, and India. It envisions a progressive future as a firm that embraces technology and focuses on capability development for employees. Inqsights, under Nitin’s leadership remains adaptive to industry changes and provides relevant, technology-driven services. It is always committed to customer satisfaction with a diverse and service-oriented team who strive for sustained growth in the ever-evolving HR industry. The company’s roadmap involves geographic expansion, particularly in the Middle East, and continuously adapting solutions and offerings to changing client needs.