Insights Opinion: Quality, Consistency and Innovation

Sharoz Ghauri,Director - Client Services

Sharoz Ghauri

Director - Client Services

No matter how big or small a business is it requires external help to know by sight the problems existing within the structure, understand the market where abouts and keep up with the varying needs of the clients. This superficial assistance is rendered by professionals, entitled as Market researchers who have defined knowledge about the industry. With their strategic insights and detailed analysis of every discipline, they help organisations frame effective business strategies to cope up with the ever changing market trends, reach out to the targeted audience and expand merchandising in every aspect. These one-off characteristics have made the marketing research industry grow inordinately.

Established by some of the best Market Research specialists, Insights Opinion is providing spectacular quality research services to organization that aims to thrive and remain purposeful in this competitive environment. To deliver top quality services, the company observers these three vital axioms Security, Simplicity and Speed which it styled as the'3S'. The motive of incorporating these core values is to devise potent and insightful researches taking into consideration the mechanism and behaviour of the industry, new methods and ideas, virtuosity and exposure. “The core intention of initiating this institute was to endow our clients with advantageous data we assemble after conducting a detailed market study, states Sharoz, Director - Client Services, Insights Opinion.
The Silver Lining
When it comes to the challenges that are active in the market research industry, data protection and ethical use of data remains the major ones. There have been laws in place to keep a check on practices followed by market research firms. Insights Opinion strictly adheres to GDPR compliance and other guidelines such as ESOMAR guidelines and code of conduct. As an ISO 20252 and 27001 certified company, it adheres to the terms and definitions as well as the service requirements for conducting market, opinion and social research.

Insights Opinion has covered more than 100 countries across the globe spanning across all major continents including, North America, South America, Europe, APAC, MENA and Africa

What makes the company stand out in the crowd is the language support it offers. It not only provides translation services but also conducts studies in multiple languages with its skilled bilingual and native speakers. We have fully automated in-house (100+ Seater) CATI center which has predictive dialler, live barge in and call recording facility to maintain the transparency and authenticity of the research process. Besides, we have more than 4 million panellists from different industries and verticals in more than 29 countries comprising of B2B, Healthcare and Consumers,” he informs. There’s an inhouse team for survey sampling, In house programming team, auditor team to check data authenticity and separate Quantitative and Qualitative team for specific projects.

The Journey
The journey that started off with a small office in India has over the years transfigured to provide international coverage through its offices in UK and the US. Due to a competent team of multilingual research experts, analysts, project managers, interviewers and recruiters, it has successfully delivered more than 1000 research projects.

“We take pride of owing distinguished and highly competent team of experts with multilingual communication capabilities. With our offices based in US, UK and India, we are able to cover more than 100 countries across the globe spanning across all major continents including, North America, South America, Europe, APAC, MENA and Africa,” Sharoz asserts.

Being a full service firm, the company’s agenda in the coming years is to expand its services to a few untouched industries. “We are also strengthening our coverage in the US Market as it has a lot of scope for research. Apart from that, we are also planning to expand our team of analysts and language experts very soon,” he concludes.