Insta9 Innovative Technologies: The 'AI Tech Doctor' Prescribing Cutting Edge Healthcare Solutions

 Mohammed Omar Khan,    Founder & CEO

Mohammed Omar Khan

Founder & CEO

India prides itself on being one of the biggest healthcare ecosystems worldwide. While the ongoing digital & tech revolutions have completely transformed the way healthcare services are catered to and made them more accessible to all masses, they have also brought along a host of next-gen challenges in terms of cost efficiency, process optimization, data privacy, and many others. Acting as a catalyst for this was the Covid pandemic, which witnessed a massive number of populations embracing digital technologies due to the majority of medical processes happening online.

On the other hand, cyber criminals too are constantly innovating and finding new ways to penetrate/infect any system, which has made data security a top priority for all healthcare businesses. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult for a healthcare business to maintain its process efficiency and focus on its core operation offering timely and effective healthcare services to all. Thus, they are heavily relying on healthcare IT solutions that not only take care of their entire day-to-day operational processes right from the simplest process such as billing, to sophisticated requirements like cybersecurity.

While India is home to a huge number of IT services companies currently operating in India, Hyderabad-based Insta9 Innovative Technologies is one company that stands out from the rest of the companies in the market through its exquisite services offerings, clear understanding of client needs and indepth industry experience.

Founded in 2013 by Mohammed Omar Khan(Founder & CEO), Hyderabad based Insta9 is an end-to-end IT services company with a large portfolio of offerings in the areas of Omnichannel communication, Wearable technology and remote patient monitoring, mobile apps to boost patient engagement, Medical Organizational analytics, Telemedicine & Video consultation, Paperless Software, and many more, especially for the healthcare industry. Being one of its flagship offerings, the company’s
cybersecurity services provide a host of benefits to the clients such as cutdown IT costs, economic scalability,increased process efficiency, reliability, and affordable setup costs.

“Insta9 is all about empowering Healthcare industry to provide world-class experiences throughout the patient journey. Our major factors compared to competition are High Patient Satisfaction, Loyalty, Retention, Mitigation of Treatment Issues, a suite of modular, omni channel patient engagement products help to provide a seamless user experience for patients, doctors, and hospital staff”, quotes Mohammed Omar Khan.

What makes Insta9’s services way ahead of the rest of other companies in the industry is the host of value-add it offers. The major ones among them are omnichannel communication, remote patient monitoring, enhanced patient engagement, organized analytics, and online consultations, to mention a few. Also, the company uses the latest technologies like AI, ML, and big data to have a complete birds-eye view of patient data, thus enabling healthcare providers to enhance their patient experience levels.

INSTA9 An end-to-end IT services company specializing in the areas of Health Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Wearables, Mobile Technologies, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity and Custom Software, mainly to the Healthcare industry

“Our solutions enable organizations to engage via the web, SMS, e-mail, WhatsApp, call center, IVR, apps, QR codes, and many other mediums, thus offering our customers the choice of their preference. Technology has been the greatest enabler for us, wherein we are successfully bridging the gap between the patients and healthcare providers in a secure environment where patient data is given utmost importance”, Mohammed further adds.

As a tech-centric organization, Insta9 is always open to change, wherein it always stays updated with the latest technologies and industry trends. This way, the company is able to be a pioneer in implementing the latest tech practices and thus proffer an enhanced customer experience. Apart from the patients, healthcare providers too enjoy lots of advantages such as streamlined business operations, enhanced productivity, and an increase in revenue streams. This way, the company is creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved in the business process.

With the rapid evolution of technological dimensions, all business entities are relying on IT solutions for optimizing their processes to stay ahead in the market. Insta9 is surely making its way towards transforming the way businesses go about handling critical data and in turn, creating a secure environment for both enterprises and end customers.

“Our dedicated team of certified developers and technology experts plan ahead for implementation of technologies of the future such as Artificial Intelligence, Voice based systems, Natural Language Processing, Blockchain, Internet of Things(IoT), Edge Computing, Predictive & Personalized Medicine, Big Data and Chatbots. This has enabled us to not only enhance our customer experience & satisfaction levels but also earn a reputation as one of the most reliable companies in the market”, concludes Mohammed.