Intellistocks: Your Wealth Building Partner

Nalini Jindal,   Chief Investment Advisor

Nalini Jindal, Chief Investment advisor

Today markets provide countless investment opportunities but investors find it a daunting task to select the best opportunity due to lack of complete knowledge about the financial products, share market or stocks that they invest in. Customers often end up putting their money based on the herd-mentality or market sentiments and eventually end up losing their hard earned cash. Some often fail to keep a regular check on their investments due to market volatility and consequentlyfall short to take intelligent decisions at the right moment; this leads investors astray in their investment goals. Intellistocks, a financial advisory company aims to simplify the process, reduce risk and maximize reward for investors by building a personalised portfolio approach for each customer.

"People are quickly swayed by emotions and speculate on the stock market and miss the marked fundamentals. Sometimes investors are not very clear about their investment goals as well. We, at Intellistocks, provide solutions to all of these challenges. We, as Financial Advisors, help our clients bring clarity as far as their investment goals are concerned which empower them to achieve their financial targets. We provide our clients with the expertise to invest intelligently and get the optimum returns out of their investments," says Nalini Jindal, Chief Investment Advisor, Intellistocks.

Delivering Customized yet Comprehensive Portfolio Advisory Services
Headquartered in Gurgaon, Intellistocks is focused to provide customized and comprehensive financial plans with its world-class research expertise. The company functions broadly in Stocks, Mutual Funds, Metals, Fixed Income and Real Estate verticals and offers an impressive money management experience. Its flagship product­ "IntelliPortfolio" is a well-diversified portfolio built from the stocks which pass multi-step detailed scrutiny. A long-term investment plan, the portfolio is especially effective because it offers a strong margin of safety to sustain any macro issues, such as higher rates, inflation or a slowing economy, and still provides consistent returns in any market. Intellistocks practices disciplined investment processes to build well diversified portfolio which assists the customers to achieve their financial goals faster and safely, with minimal risk involvement.

"We, at Intellistocks, give utmost importance to the financial
freedom of our investors and make them enjoy it through the steady growth in wealth. When it comes to portfolio management and financial planning, we are and will continue to be the premier choice for our committed investors. Be it analysis and recommendation that matter most or world-class support and continuous guidance, we offer an impressive wealth management experience at all times," adds Nalini.

"Intellistocks endeavours to guide its clients where to invest, at what price and when to exit from the market using a portfolio approach"

Steering its way ahead in the investment industry, the company also offers unique investment services such as IntelliTrade and IntelliWealth. Intelli Trade is a short-term investment plan that assists customers to make consistent profits from short to medium term momentum in stocks, whether market is up, down or sideways. IntelliWealth is a private wealth plan, customized and designed for clients with an investment capital of Rs. 1 cr. or above. It is one of the best investment strategies within defined risk bands. Intellistocks believes that customers' satisfaction is of highest priority and for that it makes sure that one only pays for what satisfies them. Keeping up with this, the company has also come up with a 365 days money back guarantee. This is an extremely friendly money back policy, which offers all the customers a 12 month's subscription plan with 365 days Money Back Guarantee. Intellistocks' equitystrategies and stock recommendations are structured to deliver a long-term, sustainable growth to its clients. Their focus on companies with good fundamentals and foreseeable growth profiles is complemented with sound balance sheets and solid cash flows. Intellistocks endeavours to guide its customers, best shares to buy, at what price and when to exit from the market, thus ensuring safety of their capital with healthy growth without taking much risk.

"At Intellistocks, our methodology is unbiased and has a long perspective which sets us apart from other Wealth Management firms. We do not predict the market; instead, we prepare ourselves beforehand to face the volatility of the market. We understand the market cycles and our clients can access not just our new stock ideas but also can use our years' of experience and exper-tise in finding the right wealth creating stocks," illustrates Nalini.

Soaring to Greater Heights and Beyond
Since its establishment Intellistocks is serving Retail and HNI clients from India as well as abroad. The company credits its success to its team of well-skilled and high-performing professionals whose expertise and commitment has paved the way for Intellistocks to become one of the leading companies in Wealth Management sector. "At Intellistocks we are very proud of our people. We believe it
is our highly skilled team that has brought years of industry expertise on one platform and it is because of their expertise and commitment that we continue to evolve as one of the successful financial advisory firm in the country. Our indepth research, sophisticated technology and advanced analytical tools are also amongst the major factors that have contributed to our success," shares Nalini Jindal.

Intellistocks believes in one simple business philosophy 'What is good for our subscribers is good for us'. This is precisely the reason why the company does not have any business revenue goals. Instead, Intellistocks aspires to be the catalyst in achieving financial goals for 1 million investors. Adding to this, Nalini states, "In wealth management, the trust factor between client and a wealth manager is the primary pillar. It took us time, hard work, investment and lot of persistence to develop good research tools to change people's mindset, and that's how we started developing trust amongst our customers." People who once started with Intellistocks as prospective clients have now turned into regular and loyal customers who have been with the company for years and have now become its well wishers and friends for a lifetime. Sharing one of many success stories, Nalini happily mentions "One of our clients who started with a small capital of three lakhs, travelled the journey of market ups and downs with us. Over the period of time he developed trust in stock market and us and kept raising his investments. The results have been phenomenal for him as he has earned profits of over one crore in his portfolio".

A Satisfied Customer is the best business strategy of all'­ believing in this notion, Intellistocks is continuously striving to nurture its relationships with its clients. Speaking about Intellistocks' future plans, Nalini explains, "We deliver performance, not promises. We aim to get better and beat Nifty 50 Benchmark with multiple folds. Keeping up with the technological advancements, we are also investing heavily in our research tools and technology in order to develop state of the art in-house tools which will help us further improve our insight and enable us to achieve new milestones".

In this age of automation and innovation, caring for customers has never been more important than now and Intellistocks is already setting a benchmark by serving its customers with Honesty, Integrity and Transparency, thus empowering them to achieve financial goals in a Smarter, Faster and Safer way.

Performance for IntelliPortfolio
•Delivered 35.7percent returns in 2016
•5 Years CAGR 42 percent• Surpassed Nifty by3.5 x (5 year scenario)
•Outperformed top Mutual Funds by 2.2 times
•67percent returns in HNI Segment