Irrigation Professionals: Leading Design and Consulting Service Provider

India's long impending water crisis is deepening its root in the system and the continuous depleting levels have increased the burden and stress on the available water resources of the country. While there are manydimensions to the problem, agriculture remains the most prevalent one where the sector uses over 70 percent of all the freshwater resources of the country. This exigency results in an urgent need of embracing modern irrigation practices that can help conserve water in Agriculture and Landscape use.

Water conservation can only be achieved through the adoption of improved irrigation systems such as Sprinklers and Micro Irrigation equipments, which are still not well accepted in the country due to lack of awareness, availability and design capabilities. Chandra Prakash, a veteran in the field realised this gap and decided to work towards building something that would add value to this domain. Having worked in Agriculture and landscape sectors in India and various Gulf Countries for considerable period, Chandra Prakash sensed the importance of well designed systems & professional installations and decided to foray into the world of entrepreneurship with his irrigation design consultancy firm Irrigation Professionals. "I had spent my initial years in the introduction of Micro Irrigation in agriculture and it was during my first stint with Voltas Limited, the pioneer in Drip Irrigation, during the late 70s and early 80s that deepened my interest in Modern Irrigation Systems" says Mr. Chandra Prakash, founder of Irrigation Professionals. Thereafter he worked in various Gulf Countries in irrigation domain and had experience with state of art Irrigation Equipment and Technology from leading manufacturers from USA and Europe, which till then were not introduced in India. Additionally use of these equipments in Landscape Irrigation apart from Farm Irrigation including automation in irrigation systems caught his interest further.

As a leading design and consultancy service provider, Irrigation Professionals offer a hydraulically balanced and easy to maintain system that would result in highest system efficiency at a reasonable cost. The company
provides "Independent Irrigation System"designs to various reputed Architects/Builders and provides other water management services such as System Evaluation and Upgradation, Water Audit etc. across different industry segments.
Chandra Prakash,Founder
"All our designs are based on unbiased selection of equipments and are in line with project specific Agro Climatic conditions. We give our clients a well integrated system that not only uses the most efficient equipment but also results in considerable savings on capital and running costs", he asserts.

Irrigation Professionals offers a hydraulically balanced and easy to maintain system that would result in highest system efficiency at reasonable cost

Overcoming the Roadblocks
Although considerable progress is being progress is being made, the industry is still lacking a sound irrigation infrastructure and there is limited usage of micro irrigation systems in India and there are insufficient design, installation and maintenance guidelines and lack of technician training & certification governing the sector. Irrigation Professional aims to promote the use of well designed, efficient Micro Irrigation Systems in both landscape and farm irrigation and promoting the use of STP water in landscape projects that would help reduce their discharge of used water.

Based out of Bareilly and Delhi, the company has set its foot all over India, covering large landscape projects in almost all states of India. Irrigation Professionals have completed major irrigation project designs in both landscape and farm irrigation in India, Africa and several Gulf countries. Although their major focus has shifted to state of art Landscape Irrigation projects, they remain active in farm irrigation field too.

"Through our unique service portfolio at Irrigation Professionals, we make sure that the company is providing better systems and installation monitoring tools, that would not only result in initial saving on capital costs, but would also result in more efficient use of water",he concludes.