Isafe Consulting: Offers It Assurance And Advisory Services In Several Industrial Verticals

Saratchegu,OwnerWith consulting companies in the world's top league, the Indian IT consulting industry is currently at dizzying heights. The brighter side is that there are still a lot of possibilities and prospects open for pickings and India is ideally positioned globally to benefit from business digitalization and every walk of life in this regard.

Isafe Consulting was founded by SaratChegu, a certified information management auditor and chartered accountant in Bangalore. Founded in 2004, Isafe provides IT assurance and advisory services in several industrial verticals with a particular emphasis in Banking and Financial services industry and has a broad footprint all over India.

Customized Solutions
The range of services offered by Isafe Consulting are Compliance of Regulatory Provisions, Infrastructure Design and Implementation, Consulting for Acquisition of Core Banking Applications, Automation of Functional Controls, and Risk Assessment & Business Continuity, the services are provided under Banking and Financial Services. Apart from these the company offers certain services for different business verticals such as ERP Acquisition & Implementation, Application Controls Audit, IT General Controls Audit, Risk Identification and Assessment, and Designing of IT & Business Controls.

The key offering in assurance services is regulatory enforcement certification and helping their clients to adapt and transition to emerging technology is Isafe Consulting's expertise in advisory services. SaratChegu, Owner, Isafe Consulting says, "For any client looking at the size of their company, vertical, position in the IT maturity curve and, of course, the budget, we tailor-make the solutions and consulting services. Our flagship offering is an exhaustive techno-functional audit of principal business applications of the client like CBS or ERP to achieve system and process controls and compliance in the design stage as well as real-time operations."

Process Of Assurance Assignment
The organization follows a certain protocol to consider their client's needs and craft the consulting services accordingly. Understanding the company and IT structure by reviewing policy or strategy documents and other administrative guidelines on compliance conditions provided by the
customer. Discuss with business customers, IT staff and systems coordinators, review procedural and procedure reports, and appreciate business & IT processes later.

Determine the harmony between documents, business processes and IT structures and analyze actual operations by means of a walk through of typical transactions already performed and their consequent actions until the architecture of the process is understood. Plan and run test cases in the test area, depending on the scope, and analyze the effects and communicate anomalies, both design and operational, and discuss near-term and long-term remediation and control.

Adding to this, inquire and observe the various points of view of different stakeholders and balance the findings as an organizational point of view and evaluate, if any, the observations, deviations and recommended remediation vis-à-vis enforcement and arrive at a detailed audit view. Express the findings of the assignment along with time frame suggestions in realistic and observable terms.

Some of the major pain points faced by the clients of Isafe Consulting are readiness of the enterprise for the technology they have to adopt, skills of the staff and, top management aptitude to the technology. The organization offers solutions that are detailed and has an achievable schedule, mapping for smooth adoption and transition, exhaustive training to staff and detailed briefing to top management about the business sense of technology and, how technology helps enterprise goals.

Isafe provides it assurance and advisory services in several industrial verticals with a particular emphasis in banking and financial services industry and has a broad footprint all over India

Isafe Consulting uses various audit methods to evaluate elements of the information system, such as the operating environment, connectivity, software and databases, to analyze the root cause of any anomaly they find. Generally, the company uses a replica of the database for testing instead of live data and that too in the test environment and never in a production environment. Sensitive information such as passwords is never otherwise scanned or accessed, no customer information is taken to their computers or laptops.

The company follows ISACA IT Audit framework and IT Audit standards which are internationally accepted, also rigorously follow regulatory guidelines of RBI, Government of India and other regulators as applicable. SaratChegu adds, "We have acquired skills and honing them in cybersecurity testing and analysis. We have done several assignments of creating and certifying cybersecurity frameworks, vulnerability analysis and penetration testing, cyber forensic audits in the last couple of years."

To keep their employees updated with the changing market trends and technologies Isafe Consulting regularly participate in refresher programs in audit, testing, risk management, cybersecurity. Also, it is a flat organization and everyone is heard in his / her area of expertise and provide interdisciplinary solutions to clients.

Over the years, the company have been clocking healthy growth and look to consolidate their position. And, the pandemic which was looked at as a challenge is now seen as an opportunity by the company, and technology is poised for healthy growth.

Saratchegu, Owner
SaratChegu is qualified in risk management and design of controls, governance of enterprise IT, international standards in information security management systems (ISMS), IT service management (ITSM), business continuity management systems (BCMS).