Qminds CONSULTING GLOBAL: Authenticity in Management Consultancy

BVLN Prasad,     Founder Director
BVLN Prasad, Founder Director

It is true that for success to knock the door, it is to be dreamt of first. Only then can a person speculate the measures and act accordingly. BVLN Prasad, formerly Head of Quality in CGI once desired of having his own enterprise one day. A vision that harnessed 17 long years of experience and fulfilled itself in the year of 2012 when Prasad quit CGI in 2012 and started Qminds Consulting Global Pvt. Ltd that renders quality management consultancy services. "During my tenure at CGI from 1995 to 2012, started as IBM mainframe programmer, then as Software Quality Assurance Engineer and moved up to the head of quality/information security position in 2006. I was in the process of providing consulting/implementation support to CGI's other Business Units and that's when I thought of doing some-thing on my own", says BVLN Prasad, Founder Director, Qminds Consulting Global Pvt. Ltd.

Handling the High Tides Challenges come in the way of every new company and when it is dedicated to some thing like management consultancy, hurdles become inevitable. This is the sector where veterans with intelligent minds speculate the growth of businesses, detect the loopholes and suggest areas for improvement for them. It is not hard to assess that a responsibility like this cannot be handed over if the consultant is not up to the mark. On the other hand, it must also be noticed that putting all the responsibilities on the shoulders of the management consultant does not help in proper functioning of the business unless the needed cooperation is offered by the clients."When you become a consultant in this sector and companies start signing contracts with you they think that the entire responsibility on the firm that has taken up the job. People within the system also think that if Qminds is working,they have to do nothing. Today,we explain the importance of performing some of the aspects which they don't and which will help grow the productivity of the company", states Prasad.

Gaining the trust of the clients is priority for a management consultant in order to conduct fruitful business. Prasad says that for the first two years of business it was very challenging for Qminds to acquire clients from the industry. The challenges were to increase the client base at the same time keeping an eye on cost of operations, marketing and the cost to acquire a client. It was because Prasad has been in the industry For long and has constantly delivered productive results to clients while working with CGI, the struggle was not farfetched. Companies started
recognising the expertise and initiated business with Qminds Consulting Global Pvt. Ltd.

"Moving On With The Company, I Want To See Qminds Among The Top 3 Management Consultants In India"

Rendering Quality Services
In today’s competitive world, organizations are continuously facing challenges in order to improve the efficiencies of the processes that exist at each and every level. Complete understanding of these requirements which are primary to maximise the efficiency of the processes is crucial to the success of any company. Prasad asserts, “Qminds helps in streamlining the IT processes for meeting the day-to-day IT challenges. We offer process consulting services that span the entire length of the process ranging from Process definition, Process Approach, Implementation & Awareness Training to Process assessment and Improvement initiatives. Qminds strength lies in the skills and rich experience of our consultants, who have vast experience in Project management, Software Engineering, Value Proposition and in process models like Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), ISO framework, SSAE, PCI DSS etc. They bring with them practical implementation experience of various processes that best fits your requirement.”

In line with this, the company stays well informed of the latest innovations and changes in the software environment. The organization’s focus on the people, techno-logies, tools, domain knowledge and best practices are considered to be the funda-mental values and strengths. “The methodo-logies that Qminds use are time tested, rugged models complete with the right teams, technical skill-sets and management that is committed and driven to deliver projects and services on time, on budget and as per your specification. Our domain experts ensure that they first understand the technical and management challenges before they define the requirements to achieve the identified goal. We offer our services across a spectrum of domains and technologies. Services are provided to the clients who are in into IT/ITES, RPO, Hardware /Firmware integration firms, educational institutions and into domains like BFSI, Construction, Media & Communication, Consulting Services are some of the services that our experienced organization is involved in”, states Prasad.

Productivity is the ratio between the amount of goods or services produced and the labour or expense that goes into producing them. Lines of code, in and of themselves, are not the primary deliver ables of a software project. “We, at Qminds help our clients to utilize the resources at hand (Workforce, tools, money, time, etc) effectively and efficiently because we understand that increased productivity ensures Progress, Prosperity and Profitability. Our competent and driven workforce
analyse every domain in detail and come up with a set of processes and procedures that need to be implemented to increase the productivity of an organization”, says Prasad.

Looking at the Future Ahead
Since its inception in 2012, Qminds Consulting Global has crossed a consider-able distance in business operations and growth. In 2013, Qminds had a modest client base of three clients, and in 2019 the client base grown to about 75. Qminds is looking at increasing its client base by 25 percent in the next two years and increasing revenue from new services such as process improvements using Agile (Scrum methodology) and DevOps. During the preliminary period, the company and its operations were limited to Bangalore but eventually it acquired clients in the cities of Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai and Delhi among few others. It has also carried out projects in Germany, has six clients in the USA and one in Thailand. And, as a matter of fact, Qminds renders management consultancy services to SMEs as well as established corporations. Among thewell known and established corporations for which Qminds works, L&T-C&A division in Mumbai& MPS-Mysore, Cigniti Technolo-gies, NextSphere Technologies, BCITS Pvt. Ltd, Arteria Technologies, Avalant Company Limited, Thailand (Only CMMI L5 company in Thailand), Manipal Technologies Limited, CES Limited and Technobrain based out of Kenya/ Hyderabad are some of them. As of now, the company has a list of 74 clients around the world.

Expressing the road ahead for the company, Prasad concludes, “I have a roadmap for the next three years. We want to make our presence felt in Europe. Next month we are doing a road-show in UK. We also want to expand to South America. Moving on with the company, I want to see Qminds among the top three management consultants in India.”

We have now started providing training and coaching on Agile practices based on hands on approach rather than a theoretical standpoint of just explaining the concepts of Scrum. For an agile organization, there is a cultural change required which can be a huge move from the traditional way of operations as you want your teams to be self sufficient and focusing on providing value. For such an environment to be established, we start with helping the leadership or key stakeholders in an organization understand this.

BVLN Prasad
Founder- Director, Qminds Consulting Global Pvt Ltd
Prasad Has Around 24+ Years Of Experience In Project Management, Process Improvements Using Cmm/Cmmi, Quality Management System (Iso 9001), Information Security (Iso 27001), Business Continuity Management System (Iso 22301), Service Delivery Management System (Iso 20000) And Six Sigma. Currently Providing Support To Various Clients In The Area Of Cmmi, Information Security, Qms And Bcms.