Iyer's Pro-Risk Business Solutions: Substance over Form

By Amit Raja Naik
Ganesh Iyer,Founder & CEO

Ganesh Iyer

Founder & CEO

Every business across the globe is working in isolation. The ability to keep up with the market, planning ahead, cash-flow & financial management, problem-solving, right systems & processes, skills & attitudes, and welcoming change are some of the crucial aspects for any business to thrive in the long run. Neglecting either one of these areas may result in drastic pitfall for the organization.

Today, majority of the companies may seem compliant on papers with the checklist ticked. However, the real question one needs to ask here is, are they compliant in spirits, whether it is, process compliance or regulatory compliance or corporate value compliance? If yes, how are they ensuring to genuinely grow and flourish, whether they are directly adding value to the entire business ecosystem? Concocting this change in the system led us to Iyer's Pro-Risk Business Solutions, a premier consulting and business solutions entity with a practical-on-field experience that provides rational, practical, and executable solutions to businesses across industries.

A man with multiple-facet, Ganesh Iyer, Founder & CEO, Iyer's Pro-Risk Business Solutions asserts, "We give our clients a holistic solution, where we don't just give suggestions or ideas; we help them implement the same. We believe in showing them the real results through a practical way of approaching things, rather than a faultfinding exercise."

He further states, "There are many organizations and consultants, who will give you the best of ideas. But at Pro-Risk, we believe that “If We can do it – we will ensure that it is Done”. Ganesh ponders “Why do transformations fail? It’s not that the ideas are bad. They are either beyond current practical reality for the entity or they are not executed appropriately in the first place."

Iyer's Pro-Risk Business Solutions coming to the rescue works in a unified manner, where it ensures to provide its clients a one-stop solution that will have a higher impact, on their business and drive growth/progress. More than anything, the brand "Iyer's Pro-Risk" purely operates upon a theme, a culture, and a virtue that will inevitably bring in value system to its clients business. In a true sense of being a Chemistry Graduate, Ganesh passionately says, on an intriguing note, "we act as a catalyst, where we enhance our clients' business growth multifold", where he explains that a catalyst is an important part of a chemical reaction process which is always there, but still it itself doesn't undergo any impact on the overall process and its presence is not directly felt. It plays a very pivotal role in improving the efficiency of the chemical reaction. Iyers' Pro-Risk does something similar to its clients.

The Bigger Picture – The Journey of Transformation

“Been there, seen it, done that,” exclaims Ganesh Iyer. An industry expert and the front-runner of Iyer’s Pro Risk Business Solutions, Ganesh has come a long way from where it all started. A Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) and a Chartered Accountant with over two decades of work experience, Ganesh is one of the rarities in the professional community with such a vibrant industry experience. He humbly attributes this to Kotak Life Insurance, where he worked in multiple job roles over 16 years since the inception of the company, starting as an Assistant Manager moving up the ladder to a senior leadership role as a Sr. Vice President. He decided to move out of Kotak and corporate jobs on 12th June 2017 to paint a bigger canvas.

For his level of passion and persistence, from next day, Ganesh was already in the entrepreneurial zone, where he set up "Pro-Risk Consultancy Services", to help businesses unleash their true potential. It's over 2 years for Ganesh and his brand "Iyer's Pro- Risk," and there has been no looking back. With time, the Brand is just evolving further into becoming a fullfledged business solutions firm, where it essentially knits the gaps around Insurance, Health, Wellness, Finance, and allied sectors.

Shraddha Iyer, who is also a CA with a robust industry experience working across industries has been the pillar, and the lady behind the scenes for Ganesh and the brand "Iyer's Pro-Risk." "With time, we started to go beyond insurance consultancy services and started to weave business solutions for our clients. That is where Iyer's Pro-Risk Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd., the second entity in the Iyer's Pro-Risk Brand, comes into the picture," mentions Shraddha profoundly. Shraddha has been the main backbone of the Iyer's Pro-Risk brand and managing the show at the back end.

In a short span of just over two years, this Brand has been associated with some of the premium clients in the industry, which includes Tata AIA, Canara HSBC Life, Aureus Analytics, Bajaj Allianz, Experian, Paytronics, Fiction2Fact, FTI Consulting, Reliance Nippon Life, Future Generali, Hegde & Hegde Pharma, Hansa Solutions, Workapps Product Solutions,

Ganesh Iyer, Founder & CEO,
Iyer’s Pro-Risk Business Solutions

Steering Insurance Industry to New Standards

Ganesh is arguably the only Chartered Accountant in the country with such hands-on and technical Life Insurance expertise in Operations, Underwriting, Claims & Risk Management. Apart from normal-processes, projects, analytics & audit experience, he has Business & Sales Strategy experience.

Prior to starting Iyer’s Pro-Risk Business Solutions, he was a Senior Vice President of Kotak Life Insurance, where he was heading the Customer Value Management, Business Analytics, Underwriting, Claims, Rural Business & Protection Strategy. During his long stint of 16+ years in Kotak Life Insurance, Ganesh has headed various portfolios like Process Assurance, Audits, and Operations Risk Management, Management of Frauds & Risk Controls including investigations & forensic cases, Project Management & Operations Excellence and Business Information Security.

Pioneering the Industry Cause
Ganesh is also a known insurance industry expert in the domain of Frauds & Risk Management, Corporate Governance, and Solution Orientation.

• Founder President of Association of Insurance Claims Management of India (AiCM)
• Founder Member and former President of the Association of Insurance Underwriters of India (AIU)
• Founder Executive Committee Member of Association of International Committee for Insurance Medicine, India (ICLAM Mumbai)
• Life Insurance Expert Advisor to the Risk Management Association of India (RMAI)
• Prominent personality in the insurance industry, whose views have been consistently appearing in the print and social media

Giving back to the Alma Mater (Contributing to Continuous Education & Future)
• Ganesh is associated with the Insurance of Chartered Accountants of India.
• He works closely with the Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTEC) towards insurance education and corporate placements for students.
• Ganesh attends various educational institutes as an insurance expert to share his experience and contribute towards better insurance education and risk management.
• He is also a Resident Editor of The Insurance Times Magazine.
• He has released videos for explaining insurance and insurance products to common man in the simplest-manner possible with an apt title ‘Exploring Insurance.’

Health Assure, INUBE, Wisemen Works, BTP, Growth Experts, and Dream Folks amongst others. It's also made successful inroads to international shores. Ganesh is also associated with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and the Birla Institute of Management Technology in coaching areas contributing towards the future generation.

The penetration of the insurance industry is not really picking up and the Wellness Industry is yet to start in the country in the real sense. Hence, we started with baby steps like educational series, short surveys and webinar on Insurance and Wellness Domain before we move into a full-fledged Wellness Company. We are already in talks with some major players in this domain in India and abroad

- says Ganesh Iyer

Shraddha Iyer, Co-Founder & Director,
Iyer's Pro-Risk Business Solutions

Navigating the Business in the Right Direction

From a Banking Professional to a wife and mama-mode, and back to the profession as a businesswoman, Shraddha exemplifies the true spirit of entrepreneurship. Throughout her professional stint, Shraddha has been a studious and an academically smart person. At a very young age, she became a Chartered Accountant and could grasp the internal controls and audit areas in the initial-part of her career.

She has received various awards like Best Performance Awards and Most Outstanding Performer of the Quarter Awards during her workdays in the CA field as well as corporate careers. Apart from that, she has also received special prizes for languages. She has even cleared Level 4 of Japanese language examination conducted by the Japan Foundation and The Association of International Education, Japan.

An aspiring professional-woman, Shraddha, at a young age has gained vast experience and expertise in managing internal audits, process, and control related assignments and has managed special consulting assignments of multiple organizations. She has garnered tremendous experience in process & internal controls assignments, inspections, internal audits and consulting assignments of various Public Sector & Private Banks, Govt. Organizations, Hospitality, Food industry, Engineering, Infrastructure & Real Estate Development companies, Manufacturers and NBFCs amongst others.

With good experience in processes, controls, and audits, Shraddha switched over to the mainstream financing functions of Publication House, International Call Centre company like Epicentre and Big Hospitality company like Narang’s Hospitality before moving over to ICICI Bank.

In these roles, she mastered the areas of Bank Back Office, MIS, Reporting, Setting up of control systems, IT projects, major regulatory reconciliations, Finance processes at a national level, Training, Accounting Controls, managing Non-performing Assets, Car Loans Division, managing projects on SAP systems, SOX Documentations and more. With a rich experience of serving ICICI bank for over 7+ years in various Retail Assets Operations portfolios, she moved out to pursue other challenges. She has also handled Books of Account and P&L comparisons of Canadian clients.

In addition to this, Shraddha moved onto become a Holiday Management Consultant for domestic and international locations at India’s pioneer Travel House, Make My Trip. Hitherto handling a 70 member team at ICICI Bank, Shraddha has also assisted a Hyderabad-based HR organization in Placement Management, utilizing her networking and people management skills.

Currently, as the Co-Founder & Director at Iyer’s Pro-Risk Business Solutions, she handles end-to-end operations and financial aspects of the business. As a mompreneur, she believes in creating a culture that brings leadership qualities in every individual to grow and become successful, both professionally and personally.

Leave the Execution of Plans to Iyer's Pro-Risk Business Solutions

Sometimes people jokingly call Ganesh, ‘the walking-talking Amazon.’ His brainchild Iyer’s Pro Risk Business Solutions best defines it. The Company works on creating win-win solutions for everybody involved in the business ecosystem, where it amalgamates the needs of each such Organisation in the ecosystem and comes up with a business solution at the grass-root level, across various segments and product solutions.

Mumbai-based Iyer's Pro-Risk Business Solutions at the epicenter of growth has partnered with various service providers in pharma, analytics, technology, video solutions, healthcare, wellness, banking, and insurance space. The company has been growing progressively with word-of-mouth publicity and is looking at multiple avenues to explore the realm of insurance across segments. Currently, it works with clients in India, Bangladesh & Singapore. Most importantly, it offers an end-to-end solution to its clients, where it assists in the implementation of best practices such as Operational Efficiency Solutions, Management Assurance, Propriety Reviews, Industry Benchmarking Solutions, Controls & Process Designing, Cyber Frauds Investigation, Review and Control Setup, Financial Crime Investigations Strategic Underwriting Management, Strategic Claims Management, Technical Reviews of Underwriting & Claims Risks, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Solutions, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Information Technology Control Reviews, Wellness Solutions, and Training & Education in Insurance, Risk Management and Leadership. The Company has also been involved in regulatory and licensing of new Life, Health & General Insurance companies.

Fuelled by a team of high energy, rich experience, and professional values, team Iyer’s Pro-Risk Business Solutions never rest on its laurels and plans to create a huge - 'one of its kind Employee Friendly organization'

Apart from its niche presence in insurance space, the company offers a gamut of business solutions to its clients where it provides business planning & strategy, creates a vision & mission philosophy, and strategic business solutions. Also, it ensures to streamline organizational goals alignment, product development solutions (insurance and related), technology & Business Analytics solutions, risk management solutions, amongst others. The Company has been strategically focusing on unique Total Health and Wellness Solutions.

Exploring Possibilities – Thinking beyond People, Process & Technology

"We are small right now, but we are thinking big," avers Ganesh. Fuelled by a team of high energy, rich experience, and professional values, team Iyer's Pro-Risk Business Solutions never rest on its laurels and plans to create a huge - 'one of a kind Employee Friendly organization'. Apart from various associates and consultants, the core team at Iyer's Pro-Risk Business Solutions consists mainly of 3 Chartered Accountants, 1 CISA and a Doctor, each one with a minimum corporate experience of 10 years. The team's combined experience comes up to 60+ years in the fields of Finance, Operations, Budgeting, MIS, Cyber, Information Technology & Forensic Reviews, Underwriting & Claims in Insurance, Hospital Management, Banking, and Manufacturing setups. They always strive to provide the best results for its clients, be it process, people or technology implementations. It believes that to build a successful enterprise, business leaders should think beyond these aspects and focus on building a culture that harnesses growth.

"The penetration of the insurance industry is not really picking up and the Wellness Industry is yet to start in the country in the real sense. Hence, we started with baby steps like educational series, short surveys and webinar on Insurance and Wellness Domain before we move into a full-fledged Wellness Company. We are already in talks with some major Players in this domain in India and abroad." states Ganesh. Last year Ticker TV released an educational series called "Exploring Insurance by Ganesh Iyer." Recently Ganesh was sponsored and streamed live by a Canadian media company "NPAFInc and a South American pharma company Mundial Pharma, where he gave his ideas on an integrated Wellness Solution across the globe.

"This is just the beginning, and we are aggressively tapping into the market and exploring the endless possibilities, where we are going beyond insurance and business solution implementations" concludes Ganesh, optimistically.

A Note From the CEO

What makes a Great Leader?

Honestly, everyone is so different and uniquely talented, and I am grateful to have worked under multiple leaders, who have helped me get a broader picture of who I am today. According to me, everybody has strengths & weaknesses. A true leader should hone on strengths rather than focusing on flaws. At the same time, what could be the weakness, can become the strength in a different area.

For instance, if a person is genuinely customer-centric, he could be very emotional with little business orientation. A leader should utilize his emotional quotient in the right area and channelize it to inevitably make it their strength. I feel everybody has a different leadership style, and a true leader would be a person, who can create lots of composite positives, rather than succumbing to negatives.

Ultimately, a leader with different experience and knowledge coming together changes the game of the industry forever. As leaders, we need to work in unison toward creating a better future. Always remember, there are other leaders too, but their designations, may vary. If all these leaders come together with their intelligence and strengths, the outcome is what creates a successful organization.