JaZaa Consultancy Services: Expansive Financial Services

Mohammad Asif,& Imran Khan(Directors) ,Mohd Shahan (Partner)In today’s highly competitive and ever evolving business landscape, organizations are on the lookout for strategic partners who can help them build efficient business processes. Helping clients thrive in this competitive environment is JaZaa Financial Advisory, a financial advisory and consulting firm. The young organization holds expertise in delivering financial analysis, equity research, analytics and strategic consulting projects.

Of Humble Beginnings
JaZaa Financial Advisory came into being in 2010 at IMT Ghaziabad when Mohammad Asif & Imran Khan (Directors) got together to bring their entrepreneurship dream to fruition. Finding strength in their families’ support, the duo persevered through the initial hiccups. “The real traction started from 2012 onwards when we started securing some consulting projects of significant size and our client base also increased,” says Asif.

Since then, the company has built a strong clientele that spans across the world. Since a major chunk of JaZaa’s clients are from the U.S. and Europe, the company’s deliverables are of international quality. The firm also developed its expertise in designing corporate reports& presentations and launched a new brand 'More' in
2012. More slides provides presentation consultations / solutions and has worked with various Fortune 500 clients such as VISA and P&G, among others.

Not only do we manage data in the most efficient manner but can also statistically analyse it to come up with useful results to help you understand the dynamics of your business better

Wide Array of Services
Through its financial management consulting services, JaZaa helps clients in directing, monitoring, organizing and controlling their monetary resources, and through business strategy, it prepares clients for future thinking and decision-making process. The company renders financial advice to enhance an organizations’ financial performance and increase its business value through its corporate finance advisory. Helping companies to invest their money efficiently, JaZaa also holds expertise in terms of investment advisory and equity research. Its team also specializes in providing support for any finance related admin work such as content for portals, database management, dashboards, performance reporting, client portfolio reporting, corporate presentations and preparing layouts for annual reports.

Catering to the ever increasing startup segment, JaZaa renders end-to-end solutions which include business plan formulation for investors, financial forecasting, marketing plan, budgeting, strategic plan, regulatory registrations, social
media marketing plan, obtaining licenses, e-Commerce launch and fund-raising consultancy. The team is also proficient in conducting all kinds of financial modelling and statistical analysis in MS Excel, SPSS, Frontline or other software. "We support our clients to develop models suitable for them. Not only do we manage data in the most efficient manner but can also statistically analyse it to come up with useful results to help you understand the dynamics of your business better," explains Asif.

Establishing Stronger Market Presence
The firm’s arsenal of services and long list of clients is built on the foundation of an experienced and expert team comprising of qualified members including FRM holders(U.S.GARP Certified), CA and MBAs from top colleges. Training and continuing education is ingrained in the DNA of the company. The employees are well versed in latest tools, business support software, upcoming technology changes and ready to support clients in implementing any new business process.

Since its inception, the company has been relentlessly working towards establishing itself as a top choice of consultants for Investor Presentation, Business Plan and Financial Forecasting for startups. “We have strong team of professionals to serve with Business Models of startups to prepare them for funding and expansion,” elaborates Asif. The company has recently expanded to the Marketing/Branding industry under the name more Viz ( in order to cater to multiple client needs and provides one stop solution.