Jithesh Engineers: En Route To Realizing India's Dream Of An Infrastructural Superpower

Er. K. Jithesh, Founder & Managing Director

Er. K. Jithesh

Founder & Managing Director

The goal of India is to maintain its comparatively high growth rate, and infrastructure is a key component of this. The Indian economy's main driver is the infrastructure industry. The government places a strong emphasis on this sector because it is crucial to India's overall growth and because it can help to ensure that world class infrastructure is built in the nation on schedule. Over the next ten years, hundreds of new cities must be created. IBEF forecasts that the demand for urban freight will rise by 140 percent during the following ten years. By 2022, India is anticipated to overtake China as the third-largest building market in the world.

Each project has a distinct goal that must be accomplished within a given time frame and budget. To attain these, six parameters are needed to be strictly evaluated. These are size, complexity, quality, productivity, completion time and cost. The planning, controlling and implementation of these parameters reflect the final outcome and it is in here that a consulting engineer can make a lasting contribution depending on skill, experience and expertise.

Headquartered in Calicut, Jithesh Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading structural consultants founded by expert structural engineers in the year 2008 in Calicut, Kerala to provide consultancy services. Since inception, the firm has been playing a leadership role in the field of structural engineering with its services spreading over the whole of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Goa and other Indian states. Not only in India, Jithesh Engineers Pvt. Ltd. has been working along with major global clients in Saudi Arabia too.

The firm acts as a one-stop destination for client's requirement obliging their needs and demands assuring stability and service ability. Jithesh Engineers' alliance leverages expertise in various fields of civil and structural engineering to offer services in RCC, steel design, prestressed structure and glass design. Major key feature of the company is that it is the only consultancy in Kerala to provide a gamut of services under
one roof. Jithesh Engineers was established in the year 2008 solely as a fruit of the hardwork and dedication put in by the Founder, Jithesh K.

Men at Expert Work
Jithesh Engineers employs individuals that are dedicated towards their respective roles and put in a lot of effort to achieve the common vision and larger goals of the company. The team at Jithesh stays abreast with cutting-edge technologies and trends to improve operational efficiency and sustainability. This provides a well established design and functionality and meets the customer's needs with a unified engineer to designer solution.

No Challenge So Big
Jithesh engineers endeavors to be a consultancy firm that drives value to the clients' demand accustomed with `Integrity, Trust, Commitment and Excellence'. The firm designs high performing buildings at a low cost with minimal use of steel, ensuring complete safety even for complicated structures. Jithesh engineers strongly concentrates on the design based on the clients wants and aims to reach them in an economical manner. An experimental approach to building a four storey RCC( Conventional Method) building in 16 days was carried out in the Calicut district, and it proved successful. Jithesh Engineers' clients mostly come up with commercial building projects that have a requirement for flat slab design. The firm's expertise makes a head start on planning. At the same time, load analysis on analytical model eliminates defects before the final design is provided, thereby saveing time, reducing errors, and minimizing redundancies during construction. Mean while, this increases Jithesh Engineers' challenge to design efficiently. To boost the project efficiency, Jithesh's engineers work with software's like StaadPro, Etabs, RAM concept, SAFE, RCDC and so on.

Jithesh Engineers is a global firm that focuses on design, cost and most important, the latest technology. Commenced as a two-employee company, Jithesh Engineers got it's first project from Malabar Builders through STAPATI, one of the Leading Architectural Firms in South India. Thenceforth, the firm has grown over the years with services all over Kerala and other states in the country, all the way to GCC nations. Over the span of 14 years, the company has successfully completed more than 2500 projects and worked for more than 20 reputed builders in the state. Jithesh Engineers Pvt. Ltd aims at providing value to the clients through innovative structural engineering solutions based on integrity, trust and commitment to excellence. "We are creative and innovative problem solvers providing opportunity for professional and personal growth of our employees while contributing to the safety of our community", adds Jithesh K.

A Fruitful Journey So Far
Today with a team of 20+ employees that comprises of planners, structural engineers, marine structure engineers, geotechnical engineers and more, Jithesh Engineers continues to prosperand prioritise customer satisfaction beyond anything.

A Confident Future
In the near future, the company intends to expand it's line of products and services and cater to a larger client base. Moreover, Jithesh Engineers aims to continue working towards its client's needs economically. "Together with hardwork and passion, our company soon advanced into one of the fastest growing Indian company overcoming any hurdles along the way. Over the course of its journey, our business has established a firm foothold in this industry", concludes Jithesh.