Jupiter Consulting: Untangling and Extending Stately GST Services

Vasundhara Gulavani,   DirectorGST has completely revolutionised the tax structure of the country. It has transfigured the mannerism in which businesses function too. Verily, the trade and commerce federations are synching their operations with this contemporary measure by adopting the new courses of developments. This process of measuring up with GST laws and regulations has evinced to beperplex and gruelling. Thus, several GSTconsultants have offered their services to help firms take measures about it. Jupiter Consulting is one such GST consultancy firm that has been extending thought leadership and expert advice concerning GST and its engagements.

The company is constructed by great professionals who have deepest knowledge and experience about the Central Excise and Service Tax. In the early stage, Jupiter Consulting imparted services on the disciplines of Indirect Taxation. It decided on GST services only after 2017 when the very concept was proposed by the government of India. There after, it has been putting forward GST Tax Consulting & Preparation Services, under which
it has been compiling, verifying valuable information,working out the tax liabilities and finalising the GST payment to be done. The company has also room for GST retainer, a distinct service that allows all subscribers to post GST related questions for and receive fitting answers from its team of GST experts. “We have always been catering issues related to Taxation. The arrival of GST mandated to pull up stakes on it and ever since then we had been conferring GST related services to our clients,” avers Ms. Vasundhara Gulavani, Director, Jupiter Consulting.

Jupiter Consulting provides persistent and ascendable solutions that would enable customers to meet all their GST compliance needs

The breadth of view of becoming a single point of contact providing persistent and ascendable solutions that would enable customers to meet all their GST compliance needs, inspired the prolific team of Jupiter Consulting to variegated their mighty experience and knowledge together. They have not only enabled implementation of tax and compliance management across various industries but have exemplified the Global ERP implementation & helping their clients to hire right people for right job. It is because of this team that the company could withstand or rather do away with any
pitfall appearing on its way. “The combined ascendancy of our team has given shape to our vision of becoming a consulting firm that increases efficiencies and 100 percent tax compliance through the technology of Cloud. We are seconded by an experience advisory group formed by experienced professionals including former government officials who advise businesses on various policy issues related to GST,” she states.

Up to the present day, the company has flawlessly handled more than 7,200 + returns and 24, 00,000 tax transactions. It has expanded its services to clients across Goa and Maharashtra. The team of Jupiter Consulting comprises of 12 people whose congregate experience counts up to 70+ years. These procurements and headways have secured it the leading position in the industry. To which she adds, “It is very heart warming to see Jupiter Consulting counted amongst the top tier GST tax advisory and consulting companies.”

With technology transforming every aspect of the trade and commerce and of course GST, Jupiter Consulting has turned its hands towards strengthening its technical holds. And to set about, it has incorporated Artificial Intelligence in Talent sourcing and launched Talent Acquisition division as a separate Strategic Business Unit(SBU). “We see immense potential in this SBU and have already stared expanding our offerings across Manufacturing/ITES/Retail and other business verticals,” she concludes.