Kaalp Consulting: Executive Coaching to Bring the Best Out of Potential Leaders

Amit Dasgupta, President

Amit Dasgupta


The current market size of the Business Coaching industry is $10.9 billion in terms of revenue and is most likely to grow at a CAGR of 5.8 percent over the next five years. The demand for coaching in some of the niche sectors of businesses has hugely contributed to the growth in demand for executive coaches. The startup boom has also increased the demand for expert consulting that can be provided by veterans or industry experts. However, there are few problems that clients face while availing services from an executive coach. It is very difficult to find an expert professional coach who can be trusted to deliver as the increasing number of providers in this domain is creating a dire need for authenticity. Kaalp Consulting from Bangalore is one of the companies that have under-stood this problem and has come up with its own set of services in coaching, training and performance improvement that can distinguish it from the others in the industry.

Amit Dasgupta, President, Kaalp Consulting states, "Right leadership is an essential ingredient for successful business performance. Companies must be committed to develop talent pools and enhance team effectiveness to improve organisational performance. Kaalp was set up with the idea of sharing our deep international leadership experience with upcoming leaders. We felt that this would

benefit them and be a fulfilling experience for us as well. 'Kaalp' means 'Perceptive' in Sanskrit which reflects the discerning insights and foresight with which we create value for our clients". As successful corporate Leaders, Partners at Kaalp have built, nurtured and coached high performance teams, and managed many business transformation programs.

We periodically review our offerings and have launched blended coaching cum training programs which enhances learning effectiveness

Leadership Consulting for Performance Enhancement
The firm's offerings are centered on performance enhancement, be it at the leadership, team or organisational level. Seasoned coaches at Kaalp use scientifically established techniques to inspire leaders to widen their mental horizons, think strategically and improve their creative and emotional intelligence skills. Executive coaching generates a mindset shift which motivates leaders to unlock their potential. To stay competitive in the rapidly evolving digital era team performance is crucial. So for more holistic capability building, coaching is supplemented with leadership and digital skill development programs. Team coaching and training is used to improve team dynamics and ensure that teams work in alignment with the strategic business objectives. At the organisational level, Kaalp engages with clients to coach and mentor their top management teams, to build agile organizations, and develop a culture of high performance for sustained growth and success.

Amit mentions, “We periodically review our offerings and have launched blended coaching cum training programs that enhance learning effectiveness. In the post Covid business landscape we have offerings to meet client needs both in leadership and digital skills”.

Future Endeavours
Kaalp is well poised for the future, given the credentials it has acquired in coaching board members, CEOs, Presidents and CXOs in leading organisations. Speaking about the future plans of the company Amit concludes “We have plans to widen our footprint to serve clients overseas and develop unique coaching and leadership development programs which will add depth to our offerings. We wish to emerge as a respected Leadership Consulting firm providing executive coaching and performance improvement services to companies worldwide”.