Kalinda Group: Leading the Way with Impeccable and Thoughtful Structural Engineering

  Surya Prakash ,   Technical Head

Surya Prakash

Technical Head

It will not be an exaggeration to say that with the help of structural engineering, appearances of towns and cities have been revolutionised around the world. With a deep knowledge of material characteristics, building codes, mechanical response, limits of safe design, ethical responsibilities, and cost effective integration of manufacturing and construction, structural engineering consultation is an indispensable part of the design and building process. Even the most innovative and futuristic project designs will fall apart if they do not meet the reality of required structural response and safe requirements.

Uniquely positioned in this space is Kalinda Group, which consists of industry-leading practitioners with proven expertise in engineered systems for pre-engineered buildings, complex Steel & RCC buildings and industrial projects. Selected as one of the 10 Most Promising Structural Engineering Consultants in 2022, the core of this company is built on hard work, dedication, innovation and perseverance. Kalinda Group delivers engineering excellence, impeccable customer service and an excellent work environment for all of their employees. They firmly believe that their employees are their partners in process and form an indispensable part of the company ecosystem. They also share a strong bond with their clients that has endured the test of time and gets stronger by the day. They live by the motto of gaining more knowledge, developing new skill sets and endless innovating.

Started in 2011, Kalinda Group has designed more than 3000+ projects across India, Middle East and Africa and has established an excellent reputation for Pre Engineered Building, Warehousing & Industrial Structure design. Their portfolio includes a wide variety of Industrial & Warehousing buildings of various size and complexity. The scope of their services include project conceptualization, budgeting, tendering, structural design, Civil design, 3D visualisation, vendor finalisation & contract administration, quality check, test reports and material test, stability certification, peer review, forensic consulting and value engineering. According to Surya Prakash, Technical Head “Most of our clients come to us for two reasons one is when they need professional structural engineers to handle tough & challenging projects and second when they need project cost optimizations without compromising design and safety aspects.

Kalinda Group has designed more than 3000+ projects across India, Middle East and Africa and has established an excellent reputation for Pre Engineered Building, Warehousing & Industrial Structure design

Their services include Pre-engineered buildings where they provide complete solutions right from estimation to analysis, design, detailing, sheeting design to certifications; Industrial Structures where they provide static, wind and seismic load analysis, FEM analysis, 3D Models and preparation of shop drawings and erection drawings and Design reports (IIT standards); RCC Structures where they provide all types of footings from Shallow and Deep, Spread, Isolated or Pad footing.

Strap footing, Combined footing, Strip or continuous footing, Mat or raft footing and Pile foundation Special Projects which needs immense technical skill, hours of discussion, strong command on various softwares and an experienced team; Light Gauge Structures where they have handled complex LGFS projects and has provided Ideation, Planning, Modeling, Analysis, Design and Detailing; Mezzanine Structures which includes estimation to shop drawings and certifications. They also provide cost-effective design solutions for complete projects like Architectural, MEP, BIM modelling, Interior design, ELV system etc.

With end clients and architects getting more aware of the benefits that a structural engineering firm brings to the table, the future is promising for Kalinda Group and they are looking forward to continue providing excellent workmanship in the future.