Kansas Overseas: Sure Shot Immigration Services at Competitive Price

HimaBindhu, Managing Director


Managing Director

Immigration process being the largest bureaucracy of every government, people attempting to immigrate to another country seek immigration consultants to hand hold them through the rigorous processes. Tragically, despite paying hefty monies, some visas fall through the crack due to a minor negligence of process consultants. But, Kansas Overseas Careers has achieved the impossible feat of zero rejections, tremendous credit to its process consultants’sharp eye-for-detail and dedication. Valuing client’s hopes, the company that candidly clarifies the situation to ineligible applicants also suggests the best possible way to chase their immigration dream.

For instance, Kansas’ Canadian immigration experts helped John Joy, a client whose Canadian PR visa wasn’t being picked up for a long time, to detect that he’s not eligible for that particular province nomination and hence assisted him to apply for the PNP process, which got him placed in Ontario-Canada in just five months. Yet another magnetizer is its complementary job search assistance services, where its consultants & CV marketing specialists modify candidate’s
international employers at no extra charge. Its select-pay-get pricing system permits clients to choose the best process in the market as a package as per their requirements within their budget.

Kansas select-pay-get pricing system permits clients to choose the best process in the market as a package as per their requirements within their budget

Kansas deploys its best evaluation experts to analyse client’s report thoroughly, pass it through authentic profile as per error free evaluation manually in detail, profile required details according to particular immigration rules and generate an all-encompassing report. The company that offers permanent immigration services to Australia, Canada & Hong Kong, helps people with visit visas and education visas for all countries. While its agents spread worldwide render post landing services akin to finding accommodation in abroad and registration formalities, the third party companies Kansas has tied up with helps them with complex services like providing legal aid. Going the extra mile, the company endows clients with exam preparation materials, conducts mock test sessions and assists student visa candidates to apply to international universities.

Spreading like Wild Fire

Started her career as an immigration consultant, HimaBindhu (Managing Director)
established Kansas in 2013, as she was passionate about ameliorating people’s careers with better services. Since inception, Hima vested emphasis on rendering better processes rather than fattening Kansas’ revenue. However, people who have experienced the company’s astute services spread its reputation like a wild fire. This transformed Kansas into a 100 people strong company with offices across Vizag, Chennai, and Bangalore along with four offices in its headquarter Hyderabad.

Under Hima’s helm, the company is adeptly steered by Sai Ugandhar (operations manager with over nine years of experience), Sindura (sales manager with strong sales background) and Mohammad Khajamoinuddin(a qualified account manager who administers financial department). Relishing Kansas’ flat hierarchy & pleasant culture, its inherently friendly employees stick with the company for longer run, as they’re happy about the responsibilities and returns they’ve earned.

Realizing that its processes are entirely based on the dynamic regulations of respective countries, Kansas has dedicated a team to constantly learn and upgrade its project consultants, who inturn update the clients periodically and guide them according to the alternatives. “We provide every client with a dedicated team who amplify their services based on the client’s periodic feedback,” expounds Hima. Growing further, the company that plans to include temporary work permit visa processes to its service portfolio also intends to extend into more metro cities to help clients locate it easily rather than depending on online.