KAR NIPUNA Advisors: Driven By Strong Commitment And Value System

Krishna S Kolli,Founder & Managing Partner

Krishna S Kolli

Founder & Managing Partner

Over the past few years, the Indian government has rolled out a wave of regulatory reforms in an attempt to facilitate the ease of doing business in India. However, an Indian company is still required to comply with a large number of perplexing central and state legislations that are quite tough to keep pace with. Further exacerbating this scenario is the exorbitant cost of experienced resources ­ a barricade that blocks many Indian organizations from having in-house solutions to handle all the operational matters. Companies that settle for unskilled resources who fail to keep up with the legal updates and changes in the statutory provisions, end up with improper records and documents. Moreover, the improper integration in operations and lack of scheduled review by the key management further leads to failure in submission of compliances within scheduled target dates.

Driven by a passionate team of qualified professionals who are committed to deliver as per client's requirements, KAR NIPUNA Advisors LLP (KN), a professional accounting and business advisory services firm, helps its clients to emerge above all these challenges. Serving as a reliable partner, offering one-point of assurance for all the operational areas of business, KN has earned a stellar reputation for effectively communicating complex business issues and successfully completing projects as per strict schedules within client budgets.

This Hyderabad-headquartered company maintains an international perspective and possesses an in-depth knowledge of running a business. And it leverages this knowledge to help its clients succeed by meeting expectations and delivering value in its services by providing suggestions according to the nature of assignment. But what makes this company an organization's favourite choice is that KN is the only consultant who gives a written assurance on compliances. "We assure that all the compliances and operational deliverables are on time and any costs of failures are on KN. This gives confidence to client and enables them to focus on their core business rather spending their effective time on operational issues and follow ups," explains Krishna S Kolli, Founder & Managing Partner, KAR NIPUNA Advisors LLP.

Turning Clients into Brand Ambassadors
Throughout his 15+ years long career, Krishna has held various leadership roles at diverse prestigious organizations including serving as the CFO of Ikon Technologies India. During this time, he realized that many organizations become wary of their non-compliances and non-availability of accounting information only at the time of audit, mainly due to the absence of general accounting practices and lack of potential knowledgeable manpower, thus resulting in high costs on account of non compliance and entangled in issues with statutory departments. Hence, he decided to translate his extensive experience to commence a professional firm, which provides end-to-end operational solutions (accounting, HR, payroll, banking, secretarial, legal and other compliances) to start-ups and mid-sized companies. Thus, KN kickstarted its operations in 2016 from Hyderabad with two employees.

Thanks to its commitment towards deliverables and strong value system, the company gradually expanded its operations to Vizag, Vijayawada, and Bangalore and increased its team size to more than 30 within a short span of three years. Having diversified its experience to all the industries like IT, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, hotels, wholesale and retail distributors, manufacturing and engineering, today KN is recognized as the promising advisors for clients setting up their extended global in house teams in India. The fact that the company has never had any budget on marketing for client acquisition and acquired most of its clients through its existing client references, speaks volumes about the impressive rate of client satisfaction it has achieved.

Despite having sizable business volumes, businesses in tier-III towns and its connected villages grapple due to professional gap. Due to improper guidance, these businesses face compliance failure and end up paying huge amount in interest cost and penalties. To bridge this gap, KN incepted KN SUVIDHA in 2019 with a model of providing professional services to clients in towns and villages. The company started its offices at Rajahmundry and Hanuman Junction in Andhra Pradesh as a pilot model to provide all the basic services with professional executives at the local office like registrations, filings, AEPS, insurance, day-to-day accounting and services like consultation, tax notices and any professional matters via Video conference as well as meeting the client personally during their visits to SUVIDHA offices. Additionally, these offices are generating local employment and working as back office to corporate offices on work deliverables. "We have been evolving based on our team's experience as reviewers to the clients during audits and finalization of accounts," remarks Krishna.

Understanding Client Organization's DNA
The startup ecosystem is rife with challenges from building the right team & partnerships to taking right investment decisions. Positioning itself as a partner in its client's business growth, KN takes part in all the strategic business decision taken by its clients to ensure their decisions strengthen the company's growth and are in legal compliance. KN eclipses other similar organizations that merely focus on traditional debit and credit entries by starting its relationship with its clients with a comprehensive understanding of its client organization's DNA (organizational values, culture, business model and strategic goals). This enables KN to address their queries ­ either operational or compliance, with clear impact on their business decisions.

"Our 3-Check system of work starts with initial preparation and submission by trained executives to their reviewer and further validation through scheduled audits to ensure all the deliverables are 100 percent assured from any risks/compliances," explains Krishna.

Overcoming the experiences clients have already had with erstwhile consultants is a daunting task, as the new partner has to shoulder the responsibility of regularizing, educating and smoothening the operations. KN, however, has built a habit of setting a better impression with its first effort, thereby raising the expectation of clients up a few notches. Working hand-in-hand with a professional team of accountants, HRs, and other executives, the company remains
within the reach of its clients 24/7 for any queries they have, meanwhile the system of reviewers and audits ensures the client deliverables and compliances on time.

Determined to give its best to keep KN a class apart from the rest, the company also adopts new technologies and systems like inhouse servers and customized task management tools that will further ascertain that its deliverables are fast and accurate. Its unique fee-on-a-growth model ensures that its fee is affordable and within the client budgets as if they are hiring a full-time resource. "Our people strongly believe that that our focus should be on our clients because it is our privilege to serve them," asserts Krishna.

Structured Internal Working System
Team KN is enriched with professionals (from senior members down to its youngest employees) from diverse backgrounds with a wide array of talents, who represent the finest and most dedicated staff found in the consulting and accounting industry today. Although the team includes qualified chartered accountants, company secretaries, HR, management professionals and cost accountants, the company has also established association with leading legal advisors to further validate its decisions, thus ensuring seamless deliverables.

Raja Sekhar Aluri, Partner

The fact that its team has a better insight into the client organizations' DNA gives KN an edge over the other players in the industry. The company makes its own mark in the industry by engaging resources that are passionate about their work and report to their manager on daily basis. Furthermore, these reporting managers, who possess vast experience in handling assignments, has a direct access to client, which further chisels their skills. In fact, developing communication skills of all of its resources is a continuous task that KN has been working on internally.

Prudvi Nandigam, Partner

Instead of following the conventional nine-hours-a-day format, the KN team has always worked at full throttle whenever there is a work and deliverable to client. The management team ensures a smooth flow of knowledge and work to the juniors to enhance their ability to address the problems on time with minimum support from the senior teams. "COVID has further provided us an opportunity and we are providing seamless service to our clients while most of our resources are WFH. We respect our staff and those we serve as professionals and individuals. We establish trust and loyalty between staff members, partners, and the clients," adjoins Krishna. The company creates a dynamic, open environment that encourages creative thinking, innovative ideas, and challenges staff to meet their optimal levels of success.

New Mountains to Climb
KN envisions meeting the current and future needs of its clients and being a partner of their long-term goals and success. Growing further, KN aims to be regionally recognized as the accounting firm of choice for providing comprehensive financial and professional services to individuals and businesses alike while providing a working environment where staff members can grow and succeed in the industry. It is en route to achieve this by extending its corporate services across five major cities in India and emerging into a one-stop solution to clients for all services like accounting, payroll, HR, banking, compliances, administration, and other legal and secretarial matters. Plans are afoot to extend KN SUVIDHA operations across AP and Telangana in the next two years with a professional reach in three hours if the client wants to meet the professional personally and provide all services. Clearly, KN is all set to win more hearts and carry out its mission of providing exceptional professional services while maintaining the highest levels of integrity and professionalism.

Krishna S Kolli, Founder & Managing Partner
Krishna is a seasoned professional who shares with the firm's clients, employees and partners his firsthand knowledge of what it takes to develop run a successful business and how to ensure the compliances to navigate towards the company's long-term success. Additionally, Krishna holds director in the board or as a CFO for several corporates to ensure the smooth operations of the clients.

Raja Sekhar Aluri, Partner
Kickstarted his career in 2012, raja sekhar has been a part of KN since its inception. He was inducted as a partner at KN in 2017, owing to his sense of ownership towards client requirements, tasks and organization. His prowess in single-handedly managing various back-office operations and his ability to learn fast, adapt & delegate have been instrumental in KN's rapid growth.

Prudvi Nandigam, Partner
Having joined as partner at KN in 2019, Prudvi leverages his 10+ years of experience in the field of accounting, audit and taxation to adeptly handle KN's operations at Vizag, Rajamundry and hanuman junction. Possessing vast expertise in client management and team management, he has been playing a vital role in setting up and stabilizing the operations of KN advisors at various locations.

Locations: Hyderabad (Headquarter), Vizag, Vijayawada, Rajahmundry Hanuman Junction And Bangalore

Kar Nipuna In Spotlight
• Offering One-Point Of Assurance For All The Operational Areas Of Business
• Effectively Communicating Complex Business Issues And Successfully Completing Projects As Per Strict Schedules Within Client Budgets
• Only Consultant Giving A Written Assurance That All The Compliances And Operational Deliverables Are On Time And Any Costs Of Failures Are On KN
• Starts Its Relationship With Its Clients With A Comprehensive Understanding Of Client Organization's DNA ­ Organizational Values, Culture, Business Model And Strategic Goals
• Participating In All The Strategic Business Decision Taken By Its Clients To Ensure Their Decisions Strengthen The Company's Growth And Are In Legal Compliance

Partnering with Kar Nipuna, you get critical business insights along with a professional accounting service. The team gives a new perspective to look at your business finances and help smooth operations. Leave the govt. Compliances to them and be stress-free. ­ Konda Reddy, Business Head, Big Foxx

Kar Nipuna is professional, organised and totally unflappable at all times. We have been very happy with their level of expertise and the ability to help focus my tasks. We cannot recommend the team highly enough. - Laxmi Prasad Putta, Founder, Vassar Labs

Krishna and his team have an excellent knowledge of all local laws and regulations and are always eager to help 24*7. The team is extremely fast and accurate in delivering all our reporting and analytical needs like utilization, payroll and cost analysis, helping us finetune our operations to be more effective. Krishna is a trusted partner giving us advice and guidance in all aspects of running the company. - Venkat Jammi CEO, OTM Labs Inc.

We trust team Kar Nipuna and you are with us since the inception of our company. You are always responsive, timely, and detail-oriented and shown to be very diligent in providing me with efficient and dependable knowledge to ensure we are in compliance with all applicable laws. - Shreekanth Vankamamidi, Director Of India At App Orchid Inc