KarvyNext: Powerhouse of Financial Services

Dharmendar Khanna,   Vice President

Dharmendar Khanna

Vice President

India is going through the digital revolution and the ecommerce boom that is being experienced all around the country is nothing but a part of it. With e-commerce spreading its wings in all possible verticals of consumer interest, a niche industry with different set of expectations is being formed which is in need of a transformed flow for maintenance. KarvyNext from Hyderabad is emerging as the first organised e-commerce service provider for the MSME section in India. “The industry as of then and as of now is much unorganised. We are one of the first organised players who want to conceptualise the business model and provide each and every service that a seller needs. KarvyNext is part of a bigger organisation called the KarvyGrowth in which this section is completely based on e-commerce services. Through this, we want to organise this industry and eventually become a prominent e-commerce aggregator of the country”, says Dharmendar Khanna, Vice President, KarvyNext.
The Services Rendered
The current industry of e-commerce in the country is fragmented and the pool of talent that is required to execute quality e-commerce services is also scattered. There is a dire need to organise the whole industry in order to arrive at the changing expectations of customers. Sellers at e-commerce platforms must be well informed about the procedures that must be under taken for them to successfully sell their products.

KarvyNext is one of the first e-commerce consultants in the country who have a mobile studio at their disposal

KarvyNext uses an extended amount of technology to perform its day to day operations. This is to make sure that there is transparency and smoothness in the operations. The company has developed its own Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that has increased the speed of the processes by 50 percent right from an order is raised until the final delivery and billing of the product. “We are one of the first ecommerce consultants in the country who have a mobile studio at their disposal. A Mobile studio is a van with all necessary amenities for e-commerce promotion. The time
taken by the machinery to build product description along with product photography and videography and publish it on all the e-commerce portal is only two minutes”, states Dharmender.

Growth Encountered & Road Ahead
KarvyNext started out of Hyderabad as a five member team and as it stands, it consists of a workforce of 400 employees. It has been successful in building two studios in the cities of Delhi and Bangalore and has extensivelygrown the clientele. The e-commerce consultant as of today has a net clientele of 200 and has experienced a growth rate of 300 percent since last year. On the grounds of sustainability, KarvyNext has attained a growth rate of 35 percent Year on Year. Expressing the future ahead for the company, Dharmender concludes, “Currently we are getting into many other verticals that are related to the photography services, event photography, wedding shoots, maternity shoots, party shoots and corporate events among several others. We are in talks to have our own production house where we will be creating videos and campaigns which could also include advertisement campaigns for television channels, digital marketplaces and print advertisements. We are also planning to incorporate model management which will be dedicated to providing services of models for our client companies.”