KD Practice: Helping Companies Solve Complex Business Challenges

Kamal Dharewa & Pooja Dharewa,Managing PartnersThe consulting profession came into the spotlight with economic liberalization in 1991, as businesses coped with the rapid changes resulting in significant restructuring of companies and new business opportunities. Businesses need to quickly define their vision and develop strategies that are not just business plans, and need to be re-engineered to compete in the new world. Moreover, in this environment, organizations want a deeper understanding of their key business risks and how to manage these risksto create the greatest return for their shareholders. These changes require external assistance and knowledge, and Mumbai-based KD Practice– a business consulting firm, has the perfect acumen in these areas. The company provides customized advisory services related to operations consulting, lean management, risk advisory, internal audits, drafting SOPs, ERP Implementation, costing & MIS system development.

Debuted in 2011, KD Practice(erstwhile Elite Business Advisors)is passionate to bring changes and implement those changes in business processes as a way of saving costs for the clients through its unconventional approach. Its dedicated workforce of CAs, management graduates
and engineers understand each client business & their current processes in detail, conduct process reviews and perform detailed data analysis before creating customized solutions or implementing the changes in their businesses. Italso assists clients to minimize mistakes done during the standardization of workflow practice that helps them to reduce learning curve for the employees and brings in discipline into their organization. Apart from all these, KD Practice provides process re-engineering services, setting innovative benchmarks, helping clients to identify cost strategies &devise appropriate pricing policies, data and efficient KPIs to improve client’s businesses. “We are consultants that focus on implementing change rather than just giving report at the end of each assignment,” asserts Kamal Dharewa, Managing Partner, KD Practice.

KD Practice helps clients to identify & implement best ERP, provides pre and post-implementation support, identifies key performance indicators, generate reports and ensure correct information flow

Filling the Gaps

Working predominantly to provide Advisory services, KD Practice facilitates clients with internal audits, develops their system processes, assists in changing their operational & business practices, drafting SOPs, understand, leverage & implement various new technologies available
in the market and train them how to optimize the usage of existing technologies for their benefits. It also assists clients during due diligence exercise & provides them audit support for any kind of external auditing. Company being customer-centric works on ‘KDvantage’ methodology(where in it uses client’s technology to their advantage) and even collaborates with certain technology providers across India to identify and implement hassle free solutions to their clients.Through its network of firms, KD Practice assists international businesses establish base in India.

Non-standardization, duplication of inventory masters, poor recording process, infrequent ROLs, usage of outdated BOM sand controls over in transit stocks& losses are major area of concerns for businesses today. To fill these gaps, KD Practice provides inventory optimization (identify challenges with respect to holding of excess inventory),record management (maps book records with physical records) and stock holding (understand entire database and system of clients) and services along with suitable action plan. Moving forward, company acts as a bridge between the ERP partner and client. KD Practice helps clients to identify & implement best ERP, provides pre and post-implementation support, identifies key performance indicators, generate reports and ensure correct information flow.

With a revenue growth of 50 percent year-on-year, company aims to open three more offices (Pune,Hyderabad & Bangalore) apart from Mumbai & Thane in the coming month.“Our vision 2020 is to expand our presence in at-least 10 cities &abroad as well and grow by 100percent year-on-year for the next coming years,”concludes Kamal.