KEO International Consultants: Setting International Benchmarks In The PMC Industry

Alexandros Pounentis,  Director- PM/CM Services, PM/CM International

Alexandros Pounentis

Director- PM/CM Services, PM/CM International

The construction industry regularly deals with several types of construction areas, viz Real Estate and Infrastructure. Handling various kinds of unique projects demands expertise from organizations and a thorough body of knowledge. This is where Project Management Consultants come in playing a multifaceted part in such projects and providing the services from initiation to completion. KEO International Consultants is one such renowned firm having a demonstrated history of six decades, contributing many of the world's most ambitious projects, iconic landmarks, and prosperous communities. While KEO is a highly ranked PMC firm, it also has three other divisions and two independent Allied Practices that can provide clients with multi-disciplinary services, making it a one stop shop for all services required in the delivery of any project whether it is urban designs, master planning, architectural design, building and infrastructure engineering, cost management, or sustainability expertise.

Working in the GCC region necessitates a thorough awareness of the region's history, culture, and, most crucially, the environment in which one operates. KEO stands tall among all PMC players in this regard as a regionally based PMC with six decades of experience. PMC acts as an extension of the client, promoting and managing their interests in any project professionally and fairly protecting the rights of all stakeholders on a project without losing focus to assure the project's success, coupled with KEO's strong, experienced, and passionate professionals supported by the latest tools in the industry. Therefore, KEO has carved a niche for itself in the industry as an extended arm of a client that is able to deliver project outcomes in line with their vision and
objectives. One of the most contemporary success stories of KEO comes in the way of delivering two FIFA Stadiums in Qatar for the upcoming World Cup event later in 2022.

KEO has carved a niche for itself in the industry as an extended arm of a client that is able to deliver project outcomes in line with their vision and objectives

A Notch above All
One of the key factors that give KEO an edge over the other peers in the market is its highly diverse offering of multi-disciplinary services, which enables the firm as an appointed PMC to tap into extensive inhouse expertise in any discipline. This is especially critical when managing any project's design stages. The firm brings tremendous value addition by participating in technical workshops with appointed architects and engineers and conducting well-managed peer reviews at each stage of a design process and leading effectively, value engineering exercises. Further as an appointed PMC, KEO's personnel are a crucial distinction, comprising multicultural senior experts with a proven track record in PMC delivery in the region. The firm prioritizes top leadership and great talent, as well as an internal culture that fosters a work environment in which it is the employer of choice. In fact, KEO has won recognition as commended for Workplace of the Year in 2022.

And as the firm forges ahead, the future path remains the same since its inception, to be a highly regarded, professional consulting firm on which customers can rely for service quality that meets the highest standards. Its expansion over the years has been balanced so that it can grow organically while also ensuring that all quality control systems are in place to maintain consistency in the delivery of its services. It is no different now, in that its ambitious and boundless potential growth is built on solid roots with offices now in all GCC countries as well as Europe. "We are genuinely committed to being a people and client-first company, driven by delivering excellence and contributing to nation building. We care about the environment, and our social responsibilities participating actively in community initiatives. We are a proud enterprise with a long distinguished history and a clear view of our future", concludes Alexandros Pounentis M.S.C Eng, M.Sc. Env.Dgn, EMBA-Director of PM/CM Services PM/CM International.