KW Wealth Advisors: A Highly Transparent Firm Maintaining a Long-Term Balance in Clients' Financial Portfolios

Rajan Wadhwan & Ashwin Karmarkar,DirectorsMost medium and high networth individuals in India are transcending beyond the boundaries of just investing in diverse properties towards adopting an effective generational wealth management. Handholding individuals in these brackets (Rs.50 lakh and above) throughout the good and bad times of their financial journey, KW Wealth Advisors Pvt. Ltd. outclasses as one of India’s eminent wealth advisory firms that goes beyond investment business to execute comprehensive generational planning via a simple yet effective business model.

Unlike other product-centric firms in the market, KW Wealth Advisors has always been a completely client-centric company deploying objective ideals to reach clients’ expectations since its incorporation in 2009 and therefore holds a client base with long-standing (10-15 years) trust in them. The firm’s foundation was laid by Rajan Wadhawan & Ashwin Karmarkar (Directors) who are channelling their 20 years of industry experiences into crafting the best wealth management
solutions for clients ranging from working professionals, lawyers, doctors to tycoons.

"Analogous to a doctor-patient relationship, we firstly comprehend client’s entire investment portfolio till date, as well as their existing holdings to sift-out the good from bad investments "

Comprehensive Management
“Analogous to a doctor-patient relationship, we firstly comprehend client’s entire investment portfolio till date, as well as their existing holdings to sift-out the good from bad investments, cleanup the bad ones, consolidate their existing financial holdings and assist them in their future pursuits,” articulates Rajan. In fact, KW Wealth Advisors generates details about entities like life cover, health cover, and investment products clients have invested in and their cost implications, involved in the clients’ financial portfolios. It further enables them to garner the complete sense of their financial holdings & its significance within three months to one year. “While majority of our clients' (aged 40-50) descendants coming back from abroad to India have slightest interest in wealth management, we ensure to clean up their entire financial portfolio and guide them in distinct things for lifetime,” asserts Ashwin. The company also caters to managing investments for SME treasuries, which is a growing segment with limited exposure to investment ideas and lack of expertise and others. “We work with the promoters of small corporate as their CFOs (Chief Family Officer,” adds Ashwin.

The Differentiating Factor
Post absorbing the clients’ objectives for 10-20 years down the line, as well as their life time targets – higher education, marriage and retirement. KW Wealth Advisors builds their portfolios transparently around disparate mutual funds and insurance policies within a certain cost limit. In addition, the firm develops several ancillary products in tune with the market dynamics and clients’ needs. But, the differential factor of KW Wealth Advisors is its simple tracking mechanism which helps in tracking their goals on an annual basis along with annual reviews, allocating specified amount for each goal and understanding and bridging the gaps in reaching them. While most clients get carried away by their huge returns and conceive avaricious expectations for their future, the firm educates them that maintaining a balance in their portfolios is highly important than procuring returns.

KW Wealth Advisors is slowly drifting towards an online mode for associating with clients from its offline mode of one-to-one & face-to-face interactions, while always complying with the requisite compliances in filing returns and fund management. The firm owns an application to provide round the clock access for clients and also software to handle website and entire back-end of online activities. With aspirations to continue its 10-year old pursuit of wealth management, KW Wealth Advisors is seamlessly updating the resources across all its departments and also striving to enhance its 40 percent YoY revenue growth in the future.