L & Q Surveys: Tech-Driven Precised Analysis

Dr. S.N. Bansal,CEOThe process of decision making on geospatial aspects such as topography and others has completely changed over the past years. There is a huge shift in how everything around us is analyzed and surveyed. With the advent of electronics, microprocessor based surveying, mapping technologies, and geospatial information systems, a revolution has taken place in the area of land surveying and the study of developmental projects. Several firms are serving the population by providing inquiry driven and real databased solutions that incorporate fieldworks, map analysis land surveys and others which would help the clients to decide on their requirements such as starting a business, constructing factories/ buildings, farming, irrigation, urban/rural development and more. L&Q Surveys led by Dr.S.N. Bansal is one such surveying and mapping company that provides end-to-end analysis and details on spatial data.

The Delhi based company ventured by Dr. Bansal who is an M tech graduate and a Ph.D. holder is respected and recognized by ISO 9001:2015 and has been listed by Institution of Surveyor India. With over two decades of existence, that company has executed around 2000 projects of the survey
for infrastructural development in India and abroad. L&Q Surveys Pvt. Ltd. has been offering wide range of services for the last 40 years to varied clients across central and state govt agencies, corporate houses, PSUs and other infrastructure agencies. While involving in GIS database development, GIS mapping, remote sensing data analysis, GPS surveying etc. it supports the clients and provides a secure and trustworthy platform by keeping confidentiality. It also offers regular updates to their growing demands and requirements through a feedback system. L&Q Surveys furnishes land surveying through conventional means i.e. Theodolite Plate table EDM, GPS surveying, GIS mapping and remote sensing data analysis. A flagship project of the company was for Govt of NCT Delhi during 1998-2000 for the alignment of peripheral expressway using remote sensing data. The key offerings of L&Q include Land Surveys, Topographical Surveys,Physical Surveys, Conservation Surveys, Restoration Surveys, Natural Resources Surveys Loss Surveys, Quantity Surveys among others.

L&Q Surveys is respected and recognised by ISO 9001: 2015 and has been listed by Government Departments, PSU and repeated private entities

The company is well equipped to handle large projects with a professional team of highly qualified surveyors, foreign trained experts, engineers, and others. It also engages local unskilled workers to the maximum as available so as not only provide employment on projects but to train them as well. “We are well qualified with pentagraph, planimeter, beam compass and all other related accessories required for conducting any magnitude of the survey. We are a coherent team of well experienced, internationally trained, globally accepted team of engineers, surveyors, geotechnical experts, transport Planners, and natural resource scientists,”says Dr.S.N.Bansal.

The team is skilled in all modern instruments and technologies like Programmable total station, electronic theodolite, electronic distance meters, automatic levels remote sensing, CAD and a large number of application software.

As a service provider it is looking forward to establishing itself as a market leader in providing GIS, GPS, and remote sensing services. It is embarking upon to equip itself in terms of infrastructure and manpower to meet the challenges ahead.