Labour Law Zone: Bridging the Lacuna between Statutory Acts, Employers & Labourers

Prakash Mahadik,Labour Law Consultant

Prakash Mahadik

Labour Law Consultant

The legislature has enacted statutory acts such as ESIC and PF for the benefit of workers/ labourers in India.The objective of these acts is to secure the future of the employees after their retirement. The landscape of these statutory acts is constantly evolving, and it takes a special agility to keep abreast of all the latest developments and ensure compliance. The magnitude of the work and time involved in handling these acts is huge, thus preventing organization’s executives to focus on their vital primary activities. Hence, they need the support of expert partners who have the processing capabilities as well as support team to tackle these statutory acts of their workers / labourers. Mumbai-based Labour Law Zone is filling this lacuna between the statutory acts (PF, ESI,PT and so on) and employers as well as labourers with its honest & prompt services.

Knowing Labour Law Zone

Labour Law Zone is an expert in labour law consultancy services and capable of handling PF, ESIC, PT, labour welfare fund, maternity
benefit, bonus, gratuity, shops & establishment, sexual harassment, contract labour, employees compensation, payment of wages, minimum wages acts and other industrial acts. “We are serving the industry for more than 30 years (second generation in business) and endeavor to reduce the workload of the organization by being an integral part of them while enabling them to concentrate on their core activity, there by increasing their business and profitability,” asserts Prakash Mahadik, Labour Law Consultant, Labour Law Zone.

Labour Law Zone also conducts labour law audits which helps clients to observe the lacuna in compliances and get it done 100 percent

As a labour law consultancy firm, the company facilitates the clients to fill their monthly PF or ESIC contribution (online)on time in case of site down by addressing the issues(faced during the process) directly to the concerned authorities and getting them rectified quickly. Highly concerned about giving prompt services, guidance, awareness of law, seminars, consulting clients as its own establishment,attending personal labour law queries which are directly through internet,giving clients quick solution behind every problem they face, relations and respect, the company also conducts labour law audits which
helps clients to observe the lacuna in compliances and get it done 100 percent.

Dedicated Undivided

Dedicated to offer highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warmth and friendliness in accordance with employer and employee satisfaction, the company works on the philosophy of ‘Customers for Life Long’, hence acts to create value in their eyes. Its team of 15 highly qualified professionals has deep expertise in handling various statutory acts the company deals with. To empower them to serve clients better, Labour Law Zone conducts lectures and seminars on awareness of labor laws & amendments, invites advocates & law faculties to share their acumen on cases and to boost confidence within employees.

Labour Law Zone currently serves clients from manufacturing, contracting, pharmaceuticals, engineering, export house, share traders, infrastructure developers, verification companies and several other industry verticals across Maharashtra and PAN India. After being entitle as one of the leading consultants in Mumbai and verified by Just Dial Ltd. in 2013, the company now aims to become number one consultant in Maharashtra.“My father who has worked with the ESIC for 34 years has helped me a lot to gain practical knowledge & build relations. Going further, we will give opportunity to many youngsters who are looking to make career in HR & Labour laws through tutorials on the subjects for college students and graduates, self-motivated,” concludes Prakash.