LabourNET: Regulating HR Management &Labour Laws With Authentic Ease

Mohammed Shameel,Co-FounderAs per the statistics compiled by Jury Verdict Research, employment lawsuits have risen 400 percent in the last 20 years, with the average compensatory reward employment cases now exceeding $490,000. Both small and midsized businesses are aligned with the growing challenges around complying with rapidly evolving HR & employment laws and the potential consequences of noncompliance. Though many companies solicit professional guidance to bridge the shortcoming in these key areas to avoid legal turmoil & financial loss, nearly 63 percent of the small scale businesses (as per industry reports) have never conducted a voluntary HR audit.

However, LabourNET Law Consultancy, a leading labour laws solution provider with ample expertise in providing human resource management services & legal guidance, has been able to acquire over 100 clients PAN India within just five years of its inception, tremendous thanks to the quality of its services.. Mohammed Shameel (Co-Founder),has successfully driven the company along with his squad of young and qualified human resource management experts and legal consultants, making it the only Kerala-based company that provides labour law consultation and end-to-end services PAN India. A master of law consultation, implementation and reinforcement, LabourNET has established its offices in Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore, while expanding countrywide through its network of associates and recording a 50 percent revenue growth annually.

Lawful Assistance
Having assisted private business, public agencies and individuals over legal matters, LabourNET explores the range of HR compliance concerns and associated consequences under its Statutory and HR Compliance Management service to help
companies stay complaisant and competitive. As the first step involves License acquisition, registration and renewal, the clients are informed about the legal procedure, amendments and contracts pertaining to government rules & regulations.

LabourNET explores the range of HR compliance concerns and associated consequences under its Statutory & HR Compliance Management service to help companies stay complaisant and competitive

Standing afar from the competition by wielding the power of technology, LabourNET has developed an online compliance tracker system statutory compliance and record updation, wherein the complete details of the compliance along with the proofs are uploaded on the portal; thus empowering customers to track the information as & when required. For Entity and Vendor Audit Management service, the company created a vendor audit system called 'de Audire' for audit reports to be uploaded. “This system enables our clients to track audit reports for any month they need and also know the progress made by each of their vendors,” asserts Shameel.

The reputation of an establishment largely depends on its comprehensive knowledge and effective safeguarding of labour laws; contemplating which LabourNET proffers Social Security Service Management solution for companies to make strategies for the protection of labourer's rights and oversee policies & procedures for optimum working conditions. The company also provides payroll services with the help of its own payroll system stored in the cloud format so that each employee can check their wages details online hassle free.

There’s no denying the fact that the owner holds the ultimate responsibility for labour compliance wherein lack of awareness about labour laws and failing to maintain them may generate risks of fall of production level and difficulties in maintaining staffs.
LabourNET’s prowess in Labour Law Training and Advisory Services enables these owners recognize hidden cost generators by monitoring labour compliance and help avoid potential lawsuits.

Stipulating Compliance PAN India
Adhering to labour laws and statutory compliance that differ from state to state, LabourNET’s team adopts different strategies in difference states and has a separate team for providing online compliance service. All kind of contracts and legal documents like Memorandum of Association of companies and the matters related thereof including, but not limited to, Memorandum of Understanding and Amendment, Joint Venture Agreement, Franchise Agreements and Distribution Agreement are drafted and reviewed by legal experts abiding to keep the first hand information confidential. Trademark registration, Limited Liability Partnership registration, Partnership firm registration, Employee State Insurance, Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishment, to name a few, are the specialized services that LabourNET extends in.“We go extra miles to provide an autonomous, goal oriented & reliable service to build the client’s trust in us and retain it with excellence for years,” concludes Shameel.

Key Management:
Mohammed Shameel, Co-Founder
A law graduate with 10+ years of experience in Labour Laws, Shameel is dedicated to raise LabourNET as an affluent venture showcasing apex level of professionalism, perseverance and adherence to moral ethics.

Offices: Ernakulam (Kerala), Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore & associates across India

  • Statutory and HR Compliance Management
  • License acquisition, registration and renewal
  • Statutory compliance and record updating
  • Social Security Service Management
  • Entity and Vendor Audit Management
  • Labour Law Training and Advisory Services
  • Payroll Management Services