Innovative HR & Training Services: Lightning Bearer To Success

Venkatesh Narayanaswamy, FounderThe Learning & Development industry is a massive help to candidates who want to study various industry verticals and increase their employability chances. The need for such institutions in India is a must as it bridges the gap between potential candidates and the organisation and polishes their personality and performance. Innovative HR & Training Services extends training and development services to its employees, including softskills training, aptitude skills and technical skills.

“Innovative Helps Candidates Stay Abreast With The Latest Industry Trends And Stay Inspired"

Innovative HR & Training Services started in 2004 as an HR firm. It later realised the importance of Training and started recruiting through campus placements in colleges. The students placed were generally from engineering and science streams. It then ventured into the corporate space providing training and recruitment services to the candidates and the corporates.

Innovative HR & Training Services stands rich in experience with learnings and evolutions along the way.Back in 2004 when it started, technology hardly played any part in the hiring sector. Everything was physical and manual in the hiring sector. The pandemic saw a drastic shift in the industry norms as everything went online and the recruitment
space had to adopt technology to be at the forefront.

Industry Specific Training
The soft skills training covers personal interviews, group discussion and HR round. Softskills are the basic parameters that every organisation wants in a candidate for hiring them. The candidate's overall personality and confidence create a lasting impression and improve the chances of getting hired. Next comes aptitude, where the necessary skills and knowledge about the professional requirements are measured for the job role. The basis aptitude skills are common for all industry types, but the specific aptitude pertains to the specific job role/industry type that the candidate is willing to work for. Innovative provides training to the candidates to enhance their knowledge and skills to be suitable for the industry they seek employment in. The same goes for technical skills. The primary technical skills such as java, python, C++, and others, and the industry specific technical skills cover the training part of the candidates.

Innovative Hr & Training Services Conducts Seminars And Conferences Where Celebrities And Industry Experts Talk About Specific Industry Verticals And Share Their Success And Failure Stories

Apart from the training services, Innovative HR & Training Services conducts seminars and conferences where celebrities and industry experts talk about specific industry verticals and share their success and failure stories. The speakers also share their wisdom on fitness related issues that help the candidates stay motivated. The seminars are conducted in universities and colleges on particular occasions like annual day/sports day and others.

Learning & Development Through Seyal
Since pandemic only allowed online opportunities, Innovative HR & Training Services found an innovative way to keep up with business sustainability with a program called ‘Seyal'. Seyal is a Tamil word that means implementation. Seyal is an online learning community with 400+ members from 65 cities and 10 different countries, created for learning and development purposes. The company is adding more numbers to Seyal to reach out to more candidates and train them for industry opportunities. The services can be availed with a minimum subscription of 9k annually. Seyal launched its first physical chapter in Chennai and planned to launch five more in India & abroad. The idea behind Seyal is to help the entrepreneurship community learn from success stories. It has a diverse membership from young students to homemakers to plan to become future entrepreneurs.

Innovative HR & Training Services also runs a You Tube channel in its name where people can post their success stories under Tamil Talk Series. It has run 20 episodes so far. It wants to launch the program in other South Indian languages and Hindi soon.