Lex Mantis: The Connoisseur in Shielding the Contrivances of Entrepreneurial Minds

Prerak Hora & Anuradha Maheshwari,Founding & PartnerWith India witnessing multitudes of entrepreneurial waves, it comes as no surprise that securing IP is fast becoming a cornerstone of a sound business strategy. Devising their IPs take entrepreneurs only half the way of the business game, whereas protecting their innovation chain, from conception to commercialization is what suffices the whole purpose. However, in their exuberance to launch their out-of-the-box ideas and platforms, creators often overlook threats to vital assets and risks in the outcome of the ventures. Anuradha Maheshwari and Prerak Hora - law elites who hail from a rich industry background - joined hands with likeminded people to create LEX MANTIS as the cynosure of the industry, precisely to address these issues with zero error and focus on building strategies for effective IP protection and legal redressals.

"With inadequate awareness on the strategic importance ofIPR, branding, technology management,entity formation and others,clients'attention to such matters suffer till they come to a head and we are often saddled with clean-up jobs from poorly drafted
agreements or advise, especially in the area of IP,"says Anuradha Maheshwari, Founding Partner, LEX MANTIS. Founded in 2012, the Firm has evolved from a mere boutique IP law practice firm to be an extended arm of start-ups, small entrepreneurs and innovators.It helps clients make informed IP decisions by providing them precise subject related information and quality research.

We have set our sights on the practice of IP management and corporate/ transactional laws and aim at emerging as a one-stop solution and destination for all growing and young businesses in India.

LEX MANTIS, through its globally relevant solutions, endeavors to bridge the gap between potential and performance by leveraging the gamut of bespoke IP and knowledge management services it makes available to its customers. Stemmed out from the Latin sources, LEX (Law) and MANTIS (Prophet/a visionary) today renders quality legal services in the said areas with a far-sighted approach. Claimed to be specialist knowledge managers in the legal space, LEX MANTIS offers a range of comprehensive legal management services along with all required documentation and business solutions support to Indian and global clients looking towards India.

The Firm has proven its efficiency in
handling innovation and technology management, asset and conflict management in media and entertainment, intangibles valuation and corporate transactions, at affordable pricing. Technology transfer, licensing, franchising and all TMT (Technology, Media & Telecom) agreements including obtaining all TMT related licenses and registrations are other pursuits of the company.Besides IP protection and management, the Firm's vertical in capital structuring, drafting of company documents, branding strategy and transactional law practice has picked up considerable momentum."We have set our sights on the practice of IP management and corporate/ transactional laws and aim at emerging as a one-stop solution and destination for all growing and young businesses in India,"asserts Prerak.

The Success Factors

With qualified legal associates and an extensive network of legal, technical and financial professionals as its success factors, the firm has imbibed a liberal, stress-free environment within its ambience to encourage sharing of innovative ideas and discussions. The specialized and focused training programs and work shops for entrepreneurs, MSMEs, corporates, premier educational institutes and nuclear research agency, in keeping with its evangelical approach to IPR, has further helped it in spreading awareness in the subject of IP in relation to global advances Leveraging its uncommon attributes and its zeal to succeed, the Firm is currently propelled towards expanding its client base, scope of services and also being counted amongst the most client responsive, quality driven law firms in India.