Locuz Enterprise Solutions: Expanding Its Horizon Through Constant Innovation & Consistent Improvement

  Uttam Majumdar,    Founder & CEO

Uttam Majumdar

Founder & CEO

The market for security-led digital transformation in India is poised for significant growth and evolution. Some of the facets that are driving this growth and shaping the landscape of security-led digital transformation are increasing cybersecurity threats, regulatory compliance requirements, digital initiatives and technological advancements, and rise in cloud adoption. Locuz Enterprise Solutions is one pioneering organization which aspires to add value to its clients’ operations and become their security-led digital transformation partner. Locuz was established in 1999 by Uttam Majumdar who also holds the office of President at the company. Currently, Locuz has its presence in multiple locations including Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Singapore, and multiple offices in North America and work with global customers across US, Europe and APAC.

Locuz’s mission is to be a trusted technology partner for its clients, providing innovative solutions and delivering value through a customer-centric approach. The company focuses on understanding the clients’ unique challenges, goals, and industry landscape to deliver impactful solutions that drive growth and digital transformation. Quality and customer centricity were always the top priorities for Locuz since day one and adding more about the inception story of the company,Uttam Majumdar, Founder & CEO, Locuz Enterprise Solutions says, “Back in the day as we commenced business, there was huge unmet need of partners that can deploy and manage deep tech offerings. We picked our partnerships and market segments that needed such partners which resulted in Locuz becoming a leader in HPC and HPC led AI. All these capabilities today not only solve accelerating results with large computational problems but are part of everything that is integral to Digital Transformation”.

Aspiring for Excellence
Locuz specializes in delivering a comprehensive suite of security-led digital transformation services that empower its clients to enhance their security posture and
achieve successful digital initiatives. The company’s key service offerings include: Cloud Services with its extensive domain knowledge and expertise, Locuz provides end-to-end cloud services to help its clients navigate the complexities of cloud adoption. Under this segment, the company offers cloud readiness assessment, strategic cloud migration planning, cloud operations (cloudops), robust cloud security services, cloud storage solutions and cloud disaster recovery options, whether your organization operates onpremises, follows a hybrid approach or embraces a multicloud environment. HPC Services here, Locuz offers comprehensive solutions in High Performance Computing (HPC). The company’s expertise extends to highperformance storage solutions, enabling HPC capabilities in the cloud, and optimizing application parallelization.

Locuz is a frontrunner in innovation and uses expertise and specialized tools to offer best value for money services to its clients

In the Data Analytics & Insights Services vertical, Locuz focuses on delivering valuable insights to its client’s business teams. The company’s comprehensive data offerings include data analysis, interactive data visualization, powerful BI reporting, data quality and governance, implementing robust DW security measures, and managing its client’s data warehouse through its expert DW managed services. Locuz also offer Cyber Security Services where the company provides intelligent cyber security solutions to organizations, helping them gain invaluable insights into their security gaps and develop a roadmap for improvement. Locuz’s cyber defense offerings cover a wide range of services, including security operations (SecOps), zero trust security, managed detection and response (MDR) solutions, incident response management, proactive threat hunting, and ransomware protection measures.

Locuz is a frontrunner in innovation and uses expertise and specialized tools to offer best value for money services to its clients. Also, as part of its commitment to excellence, the company has made strategic partnerships with industry leading companies such as AWS, Azure, GCP, Palo Alto, Splunk, Seceon, NetApp, Cisco, NVIDIA, and Prophaze. All this has helped Locuz to not just create but also maintain an impressive clientele which now include more than 350 delighted customers from around the world. Uttam takes us through a couple of revolutionary projects Locuz has been a part of over the years, “For the world’s largest immigration services company, we have architected, deployed, and managed their hybrid cloud infrastructure, thereby significantly reducing their operational cost by 35 percent and improving their business service delivery to internal and external stakeholders. Also, we have worked with a Government Defense Organization where we have built a highly reliable, available, secure, and agile state-of-the-art HPC facility for R&D applications. We are also proud to have played a role in enabling India’s milestone moon mission”.

Evolving with the changing times, Locuz aspires to align its offerings to select industry solutions andfurther deepen its capability for improved outcomes. Also, Locuz is among the few companies that specialize in deploying and managing tech infra for gene-to-drug lifecycle or accelerated outcomes with HPC led AI. Going forward, the company aspires to over arch all the capabilities with deeper security capabilities that are critical to the industry offering and mature Ops.