Logi ccall Sports Management: An Organization That Is Working To Improve The Value Of Sports In India

Jeetendra Sanjeeva,DirectorA major hurdle for the Indian Sports Arena is the parent's attitude towards accepting sports as a career. Children growing up in India are expected to achieve success in the field of academia, have a safe career path which will provide a regular income and financial stability, with all this pressure of doing well in academia they lose their interest in the field of sports and most choose to pursue a Non Sports career. After this hard decision, some of the students succeed in academia, but many of them suffer the consequences because they were not intended for the area they chose. Due to this India is losing a huge number of potential future sports persons for our country.

Established in 2015, Logi ccall Sports Management is an association that is working towards promoting the value of sports for children in India. It is the brainchild of Jeetendra, who is a sports enthusiast and missed out on playing professional due to lack of support, therefore, he likes to encourage the children who are interested in sports. Elucidating about the inception ideology of the company, Jeetendra, the Director of Logi ccall Sports Management says, "One of my neighbor, who is as good as family, a professional footballer and currently a coach, told me that there is an opportunity, to train talented students and showcase the world their talents.

The specific reason for choosing this area from a business perspective is because, after cricket, football is the next big thing in India, and within a couple of years the scenario would change. From a talent perspective, I find it very unfortunate that, while our country has such a huge population, we are still unable to export talent to the world. It's not that there is a dearth of talent as we have an ample of them but, but the standard of preparation required to get into the international platform is not offered. I have come up with Logi ccall Sports Management to fill in this void."

In India football is not as big as it is in Europe and South America, due to a simple reason that is, in India cricket creates more revenue to the broadcasters than football, and hence it looks like there is a very less audience supporting football comparatively.
The passion towards this sports still needs more time to get structured into a national sport and due to which the Indian parents fail to see the wide scope of career their children can have in football on a Global Scale unlike Cricket which majorly would remain restricted within the country. Similarly, Logi ccall Sports Management faced a major challenge of getting acceptance from the people in its initial days.

Differential Factor
Most of the Sports Academies promise dreams to the students which practically cannot be full filed, also when the parents send their children to such sports centres, they expect that one day their child will play for the country or a Club in the European League which in reality is a very difficult task from an administrative point of view not from the Talent Perspective. Considering all these elements, Logi ccall Sports Management is creating a platform where players are trained to play in any conditions and can perform their trials in any country and get an opportunity to play for Clubs in countries where there are no administrative Constraints. This is where the organization wants to create a difference and will ensure that the objectives are achievable when the players put in all their efforts because Logi ccall Sports Management is very well aware of the ground realities that are completely different from the blind expectations.

Another factor that makes Logi ccall Sports Management is different from their competitors in this industry is that they do not follow any gender limits, and intends to be one of the first association who wants to send out female players to other countries from India. And is aiming to create many more Bala Devi's for India.

Logi ccall sports management has a team of highly professional and experienced coaches, who owns several academies in the Uk, Europe and Spain

Well Experienced Coaches
Logi ccall Sports Management has a Network of highly professional and experienced Ex Premier Club Players & Coaches, who own and run several academies in the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, South Americas, Middle East, South East Asia. They have been monitoring the coaching process that is happening daily, even though they are not present physically, they conduct the Drills, layout the coaching format to the local coaches and follow through via Video Calls during and after the Training

This will create a huge impact on the training of the future players, as there is a misconception that Indian players lack talent, where in fact, they are not provided with the proper training and endurance that is required. Further Jeetendra adds, "We have formed a strategy of having a talent hunt, in North East India. Because I have witnessed this region has immense talent and passion for the game but have a serious infrastructure problem whereas the other states have a better arrangement for such students."

Logi ccall Sports Management is planning to set up a football training academy firstly, later on, a Multi-Sports Academy, School & University to encourage the sports enthusiast and assist them in building a career in the sports arena. The organization would provide sports education to their students after which they can choose any field of interest in sports whether to be in sports management or play any specific sport.

Jeetendra Sanjeeva, Director
Office: Mumbai
Offerings: Sports Management consulting