Logi ccall Sports Management: Dynamic consultancy for rising talents

Jeetendra Sanjeeva Amin,DirectorSports Consultancies are fundamentally fixers, performing as objective trouble-shooters, and providing policies to prevent problems and improve performance. Every sports consultant concentrates on observing and managing their own team or players to enhance their strength and capability. They provide expert opinions, analysis and recommend the organizations or individual. The knowledge that comes from experience is used in the development plan of an athletic team or an individual athlete. Logi ccall Sports Management is a consultancy which was incorporated in 2011 and having their headquarters in Andheri, Mumbai provides services in schools, corporates, coaching & sports enthusiast, sports properties, local campuses, and International campuses.

Logi ccall Sports Management is an organisation that is completely dedicated in promoting the importance of sports for children. The organisation aims to provide International training programs to improve and nurture sports talent right from a native level by a complete player development philosophy focusing on athlete's mental, physical, and emotional growth to enhance the performance inside and outside the
court. They provide various sports programming, leading edge information, and tools focused on the complete player philosophy. Their boldness authorizes athletes by providing a superior alternative for navigating the sports landscape so they can increase their own performance ladder at the place of their aspiration. The company have a commitment to promote the importance of sports and they believe that sports have a deep impact on the life of an individual. According to them participation in sports offers a chance to the youth to enhance their physical and social skills. "We started our organisation six years back when we had an opportunity coming our way through a family friend. We worked on their demands and in two years we had two teams playing under our flag in the Mumbai Division Football Association." Says Jeetendra Sanjeeva Amin, Director, Logi ccall Sports Management. The company had executed their business gradually where their first step was identifying a sport item to grab the attention of the players. Football was the sport event the company opted to start their growth and the organisation moved forward to create a platform for the children to show-case their talents. The final step always challenges the organisation and places the company into risk.

Logi ccall Sports Management is an organisation that is completely dedicated in promoting the importance of sports for children

Logi ccall Sports Management wants to have business associates and for them the objective of having business associates is the company do not need to over spend on setting up of infrastructure and administrative costs. Instead they will tie up with local academies, whom they will take under the training wings of their International players and who will build up a training regimen which will enhance the organisation in getting opportunities to go overseas to train. The organisation is also offering a special opportunity for the students from the age category of 10 to 21 to participate in the Paris World Games. The company is associated with International Talent Scouts and Player Agents which will help to send Indian budding talent to overseas clubs for trials and placements. Logi ccall Sports Management focus on long term goals such as academies, recreation centres, talent incubator across the country and individual Olympic sport.