Lyd Engineers: Empowering Businesses Through Expert Consulting Services

Dinesh Madalkar, Founder & Partner, Yogesh Jadhav, Partner

Dinesh Madalkar, Founder & Partner

Yogesh Jadhav, Partner

Acompound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.6 percent was calculated to estimate the size of the market for project management consulting services globally, which increased from $891.88 billion in 2021 to $968.73 billion in 2022. At a CAGR of 4.6 percent from 2016 to 2026, the market for project management consulting services is projected to reach $1,159.57 billion. The growing competition across corporate sectors, which is driving the global market for project management consulting services, is causing a demand for consulting and creating a competitive edge.

Based out of Mumbai, LYD Engineers is a leading construction firm, set up by Yogesh Jadhav and Dinesh Madalkar with the mission to provide a wide range of construction and consulting services, including designing and building structures as well as managing data centers, interiors, and projects.Giving precise services that are specifically designed for a given organization is currently necessary. Additional drivers boosting the need for the construction management services market are anticipated to be greater in the government and private sectors.Investments in the development of infrastructure, high demand for redevelopment projects, and attractive housing are anticipated to be on the rise.
The management of complex projects has also been facilitated by recent advancements in the technology of project management service software. LYD Engineers recognizes the needs of the industry and offers expert solutions for issues commonly faced in the industry. “We are known for our unique project management system, quicker turnaround time, risk advisory, better project cost control and assuring project profitability. Our core element is to focus on quality, commitment, and timely execution of the projects”, says Yogesh Jadhav.

Underneath one roof, LYD Engineers is renowned for offering comprehensive construction project management services from Designing to Building. The founders started this firm with the goal of offering distinctive engineering services, and through a proven track record, LYD Engineers is today renowned for assisting businesses in realizing their goals. With the aim of assisting all clients, LYD Engineers prides itself for taking on projects irrespective of the size of the client firm. Not only does it highlight the ability of the firm to expertly manage projects with varying budgets, but also demonstrates the customer centric approach that they adopt.

The engineers employed by the company are in charge of managing every aspect of the building process, from project design to final completion. “Our core competencies are managing constructionbased projects specially Data Center buildings, designing interiors, providing structural repair services, spending time on sound scientific reasons, and monitoring the cost and schedule performances. Our clients can focus on their business’s core competencies while we handle their building process. We consult the clients on every aspect, from material to cost, to help them manage their overall construction budget. Our clients in Mumbai and Pune feel empowered and confident in their endeavors because of the expert services we provide”, shares Dinesh Madalkar.

Future Roadmap
There has been a tremendous increase in demand for services in the market for project management consulting, and this growth is predicted to continue in the years to come. LYD Engineers ability to provide high-quality construction consulting services is a key reason for their growth, and the firm aspires to continue to improve this aspect. In addition to empowering the country, the team strives to rank among the largest construction enterprises. To support the expansion of the firm, the team is concentrating on financial and risk analysis, construction business design, and building. Through these strategic plans for action, the firm is gearing up for the next phase of expansion and growth in the coming years.