Magnus Capital Services: An Unbiased Approach to Procure Optimum Returns on Clients Investments by Diversifying Portfolios

(L-R)Kedar Kango& Lohit Poojary,Co-FoundersAs the famous catchphrase goes ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’, a wise investment is to diversify. Diversification of portfolio across asset classes is the key to earn optimum returns on investments with minimum risk. However, knowing the right portfolios wherein one can invest is not a piece of cake. It requires comprehensive research and a sound understanding of the finance market. Magnus Capital Services LLP, under the aegis of Lohit Poojary & Kedar Kango (Co-Founders), who hold a decade of experience in the BFSI sector, facilitates people to achieve their financial goals through a structured & a fool-proof planning. It conducts an intricate market study to provide investment strategies aligned with the client’s interests that will deliver lasting value.

For instance, while offering mutual fund services, Magnus Capital, a mutual fund consultancy recognized by NSE & AMFI, provides clients with an unbiased advice by deeply studying the
mutual funds portfolio with all financial aspects. This helps its clients to invest diversely in all the mutual fund schemes from equity to balance fund, from debt fund to money market fund) virtually from all the Indian Asset Management Companies. “We ensure that client’s portfolio is not aligned towards one sector and is not concentrated for more than seven funds,” adds Kedar. This strategy has empowered Magnus to achieve an AUM of Rs. 95 crore (the book value) in mutual funds with a SIP book of Rs. 30 lakh in last two years.
"Magnus Capital offers a single point access to multiple financial products with a holistic need-driven approach"

All Beneath One Umbrella
Magnus Capital offers a single point access to multiple financial products with a holistic need-driven approach.
Besides offering diverse fixed income products like RBI Bonds,Infrastructure bonds & more, Magnus Capital also offers PMS, Realty & Private Equity Funds. Under general insurance, it offers health, property, motor, travel, fire & other insurance. Thanks to these exemplary services, Mangus Capital is being endowed consistently since its inception as the‘Highest Equity Gross Sales’&‘Highest Equity Net Sales’top performer at PAN India level from Prudent, and 'Best-Performing Adviser' from Prudent Corporate Advisory Services consistently for the last 2 financial years.

Leveraging Technology
Fast-tracking its services for
client’s betterment, Magnus Capital leverages to create online accounts for its clients worldwide with SIP registration done in just 24 hours, vis-a-vis 30 working days via offline. This portal also facilitates clients’ investment process by providing information like company’s past performance, sharp ratio & more. Moreover, Magnus Capital software & its mobile app regularly update clients about their accounts (for instance, reminding them about renewal before two months and notifies them every 15 days about their policy renewal).

It’s this customer-centric approach of Magnus that enabled many new clients to bout the finance market volatility earlier this year. Lohit recalls when clients were in dilemma whether to invest, hold or sell their investments, the duo met them in-person telling them to hold onto their SIP for at least five years and keep a long-term broad picture in mind that will generate outstanding returns.

This 2016-incepted Mumbai-based advisory is witnessing a whopping growth of 100 percent year-on-year and is launching a platform this year to promote its services on social media. This will be a stepping stone towards its long-term goal of becoming one of the major Investment advisors in the market with sub-brokers working under it, and grow into a portfolio of Rs.10 billion. “We’re also planning to diversify into loans sector, and start our own portfolio management service,” concludes the duo.