Majoris Projects: Delivering High Quality & Cost - Effective Solutions in Construction via Value Engineering

Prakash Kumar Mantripragada,CEO

Prakash Kumar Mantripragada, CEO

Majoris Projects LLP. (Majoris), co-founded by civil engineering veteran Prakash Kumar Mantripragada in the year 2015, is disrupting the construction project management consulting (PMC) industry via its innovative approach: value engineering. Backed by a team of leading industry experts and his own 30+ years of experience in business development, strategic planning, land acquisitions, systems, international best practices, and project management skills for hotels, commercial, and residential developments, Prakash launched Majoris to fill a void he saw in the construction PMC space; the majority of PMCs offer ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions to their clients, which fail to dig deep into the technical requirements of a project and deliver tailored recommendations.

Instead of offering these ‘post-box services where clients pick-up drawings from consultants without much hands-on or technical experience and hand them off to contractors,'Majoris 'bridges the gap between consulting and implementation via value engineering and expertise in the construction industry to ensure client satisfaction’. Majoris has
built a strong, experienced team that is able to apply this vast knowledge to develop custom solutions for each client from an ‘engineering-up’ perspective.

"By keeping experienced engineers on site, Majoris lowers the probability of rework and mistakes on a project"

Rather than imposing a one-size-fits-all solution, Majoris distils each project into actionable pieces that are fully synchronized with a customer’s requirements and continuously monitored in order to achieve maximum client satisfaction. Majoris specialises in delivering services spanning from planning, ideation to project execution and completion. These tailored end-to-end services include structural & MEP designing, contracts, procurement management, design development, coordination, billing, financial tracking, quality control and site management.

Dedicated to Value Engineering
Value engineering is about optimising for a final product efficiently and effectively. It’s an iterative, systematic process that is a function of knowledge, risk mitigation, and value(cost). This methodology is interwoven through out each phase of Majoris’ engagements, and show cases the company as best in class.

In Phase I, Majoris collects project details and requirements and formulates a tailored, economical design solution that adheres to local regulations, incorporates rate analysis, and applies value engineering to determine an optimal solution that meets or exceeds quality expectations at the lowest possible cost and risk to the client.
In Phase II, Majoris deploys its expert management team, which monitors the development project to ensure it meets the client’s specifications. By preparing budgets, providing scheduling and milestone tracking, managing cash flow, inspecting & testing material, and negotiating procurement/contracts options, Majoris ensures the delivery of a project at the lowest possible cost, without compromising on quality.

Majoris' end-to-end, expert involvement in a project means itworks effectively to keep customers notified through the tendering, procurement, and analysis process, giving them insights about the durability of a project and associated labour costs. By keeping experienced engineers on site, Majoris lowers the probability of rework and mistakes on a project, a methodology that reinforces trust in client relationships, and enables clients to focus on what makes the most impact on their bottom line: their core business areas.

Majoris in 2020
Majoris has a proven track record that highlights its ability to adhere to the principles of value engineering by delivering over Rs.20 crore in savings for its clients over the last few years of the company’s existence. Working on projects ranging from luxury apartments to 200-room hotels to villas, Majoris effectively caters to a prestigious clientele that spans across various sectors in India. The company with a portfolio of 12 projects is currently expanding its client base in North India and across the country, and aims to add at least 20 projects to its portfolio by 2020.