Manhaday Consultants: Providing Financial Advisory to SMEs & MSMEs with Great Competence

A two-decade old local engineering services company was facing growth turbulences, which was limited between 4-5 percent growth since last couple of years and the next generation of the business owner declined to carry the legacy forward as it showed no future. But when it collaborated with Manhaday Consultants Private Limited (MCPL), the game turned to their favour. After an intensive study, MCPL found that the company majorly focused on developing their own products and servicing them, and realized that with their expertise, client base and local advantage, the engineering company can have an understanding with a foreign company.

Besides the regular services like raising money in the form of debt/PE and M&A/ JV, MCPL also does growth advisory/strategy advisory for SME/MSME clients

In nine months, MCPL got the company a foreign JV partner and now it is expected to grow almost 10times in five years besides getting latest technology from the partner. Seeing brighter future, the next-gen is now a part of the organization.

"Our USP extends from just understanding the needs of finance to how we can help the company grow in the form of M&A, technology tie-up or JV with an international firm and others,"
Uday Hegde,Director

Uday Hegde


explains Uday Hegde, Founder, MCPL. This is just the tip of the huge iceberg of success stories that MCPL has, and within no time, this Indian focused investment banking firm has garnered the eyeballs from across the world.

The Uniqueness
The Indian crisis of experienced investment banking professionals serving SMEs/MSMEs attracted MCPL to serve the sector. Today MCPL's clients enjoy a range of services including growth advisory, project advisory, project/corporate finance syndication, private equity solutions, and more. It has association in spread across Far East, Western Europe, North America, Korea and Japan. However, this investment banking firm comes with a slight twist. Besides the regular services like raising money in the form of debt/PE and M&A/JV, it also does growth advisory/strategy advisory for SME/MSME clients."Understanding the client and finding the growth opportunities are probably our strong point. The
knowledge, experience we have is huge, but what we have in addition is relationship in corporate/banking and PE world," asserts Uday. This facilitates the company to attain faster decision making and better problem solving compared to others.

Services Provided
MCPL has always stressed on India as a hub for investment, and constantly suggested its foreign partners to look to promote their businesses in India.The 'Make in India' initiativeby the present government further fuelled MCPL's vision and has provided a new ray of hope. The ease of doing business in India has gone a notch higher, with the policies changing in FDI, approvals, times lines, and other stuff. This has turned the way international companies look at India and have made them interested to invest, do JV, M&A, and others in the country, helping the local industries and SME/MSME grow. Even MCPL's partners are now willing to work in India on the terms of the company.

This Mumbai-based firm is a member of international M&A sites and part of some elite M&A group, and has already been recognizedby two top business magazines as one of the top 50 mid size investment banking firms in India. Uday is a regular speaker at events and seminars connected to start-ups/Economic and financial sector. MCPL further plans to spread its services to other parts of the world through its yet to-be-launched offices in couple of other countries.