Market Mirror Research Solutions: A Reliable Market Research Partner

Anuj Agarwal, Founder

Anuj Agarwal


Anuj's journey as an interviewer in a Market Research company brought him close to the tribulations that existed in this domain. The below par market situation stimulated him to bring a revolution that could push forward stability in the ecosystem. This positive line of thinking encouraged him to lay the foundation of Market Mirror Research Solutions a full service Market Research firm that helps clients settle down all the shortcomings and clearing paths for the furtherance and development of their businesses in a market that is dormant, and at the same time encases cut throat competition. “Market Mirror has been operating for about a decade now, and from day one we have been dedicatedly working towards composing solutions of high quality and potency,” states Anuj Agarwal, Founder.

Years of experience and efficiency empowers the team to formulate wide range of propitious services in disciplines like Market Research, Business Research, Ancillary Services and Online Research. It offers end-to end solutions based on the needs and requirements of its clients. In addition, the company renders other facilities that can be noted down as Data Collection, Business and Consumer Research, Survey Programming, Translations, Data Processing, Report Writing, Lead generation among others.
The Company Also Administers A MultiLingual Cati Centre Furnishing More Than 15Languages In Over 40 Countries. “We Are A One Stop Shop That Caters To All Market And Research Related Matters. We Have Maintained Flexibility As Well As Availability. To Stay In The Good Books We Constantly Work Towards The Contentment Of Our Clients And That Is The Core Reason For Developing Scalable, CostEffective, High Quality Solutions Moulded As Per The Business Needs Of Our Clients,” He Voices.

Market Mirror offers end-to-end tailored solutions based on the clients’ requirements

These trailblazing solutions and outstanding performance of team Market Mirror has secured the company valuable appreciation and tremendous success. It has extended its presence throughout the nation and has set foot in the global platform, covering over 20 locations with over two million highly engaged members. The company’s journey began from one single room and two people, at this day it has grown to two offices in Lucknow and two in Mumbai with a total team of more than 100 people.

What Bothered Market Mirror the most?
The emergence of multitudinous companies has fabricated a competitive environment. Tackling this contention and keeping oneself abreast is quite a challenge in itself. Market Mirror endures such gremlins even today. However, its ascendency, competence and line ups have always delegated it to pull the plug on such situations. To which he adds, “Challenges are the part and parcel of the business world. As a company, we had and still face many challenges which are indeed good for us. Difficulties compel us to come up with contemporary ideas and emerge highly powered than before.”

Market Mirror's Future Objective
The kind of success witnessed by the company in the last ten years has incited it to expand its services to entrepreneurs that will call forth further amplification of the space. To strengthen its hold in the country it intends to hire more talents who can handle B2B and face to face interviews. Furthermore, it is soon going to launch its offices in UAE and Singapore and strengthening its reach in far-flung areas of the country. “Along with all these future plans, we aspire we maintain efficiency in our services and serve our clients with the finest solutions and data,” he concludes.