Market Resonance: Strengthening Market Research Excellence

Karan Motwani,DirectorThe journey of Market Resonance began two decades back when the founder, Karan Motwani stumbled upon market research and found it very engrossing. This interest further propelled him to establish a firm in the market research domain. Eventually, the company became an integral part of many of its clients’ growth story. “In fact, this gave us the impetus to continue in the industry and mark our presence!” asserts Karan.

Initially, the company started its venture as a face to face interviewing field-work company. But, gradually they ventured into telephonic – pen & paper interviews, Computer Aided Telephonic Interviews (CATI), and many more innovative methods. Today, Market Resonance has forayed into a whole new dimension and is known as the business enablers for companies across industries. Emphasizing on the impact the company is adding in the space, Karan says “At the moment,
we do a lot of automobile market research, automobiles (cars & motorcycles) has always been my passion from my school days.Now nearly, 60 percent of our business comes from the automotive industry. Also, we are working with some of the biggest companies in the automobile industry some of which are vehicle manufacturers, lubricant companies & tyre companies.

Apart from India, Market Resonance has its presence in the Middle East region, ASEAN countries, which predominantly includes Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and others.

Quality Research leads to Quality Decisions
As an ISO 9001 firm, Market Resonance is deeply committed to delivering the quality of information and the action-ability of insights to its clients. The company involves both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to ensure effective utilization of the information. Few of their quantitative methods include face-to-face interviews, CATI, online surveys, central location tests, product placements, sensory research and mystery shopping amongst others. In the qualitative aspects, the
company provides focus group room discussions, in-depth personal interviews, ethnographic research solutions and others. Overall, the company provides a one-stop market research solution for its clients across segments.

Karan exemplifying the uniqueness of the company says “We are a boutique market research company and we are very quick when it comes to research requests. In terms of value for money, we offer cost-effective pricing for all our global clients. Most important of all, we have a very good rapport with our clients with repeat tracking projects from the same clients every year. Our client relationship is something we’ve been nurturing & treasuring since the very beginning.”

Growth Way Forward
Based in Mumbai, Market Resonance, over the years has grown multi-fold in terms of revenue, clients, and workforce. The demand for their service is only increasing each passing day. In terms of geographical presence, apart from India, the company is present in the Middle East region, ASIAN countries, including Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and others. Narrating the future roadmap, Karan concludes “In the coming days we will be increasing our client base across the globe. More than anything, we will continue to provide personalised quality services to our clients to keep growing as a company.