Maruti Associates: Global Legends in Providing Financial & Advisory Services

Deepak Goyal,FounderThe robust financial sector in India is growing at around 8.5 percent per annum and slated to become the fifth largest in the world by 2020. Thanks to the new set of regulations approved by the government, India has become the fastest growing market for structured finance in the APAC region.

Leveraging its tie-ups with various banks, PE houses, insurance companies and non-traditional sources, MA provides efficient proprietary financial services to its clients

The expansion of the structured finance in India can be new, but New Delhi-based Maruti Associates (MA) has been working predominantly in this domain for more than 15 years. Founded by Deepak Goyal, an ex-investment banker from the UK, to fill the perceived gaps in the structured financial vertical, the company works as an SME integrated
financial advisor for MSMEs and some large companies from different sectors such as renewable energy, manufacturing industry, infrastructure and real estate in India, Europe and Australia.

The Uniqueness & Wide Range of Services
Being one of the most prominent financial advisory firms in India, MA is armed to serve the middle market companies through PE, JV, debt and structured finance. Working very closely with highly credible sources based in UK, EU and Singapore, the company helps clients where the normal banking sector fails to assist them. Getting structured funding with less margins and extra collateral security comes as a huge relief and effectively reduces the cost of capital for clients. Leveraging its tie-ups with various banks, private equity houses, insurance companies and non-traditional sources, MA provides efficient proprietary financial services to its clients, and 'Online Trusted Seal' that MA has received from Dun & Bradstreet in 2011 is testament to it.

Based on more than 300 man years of experience of its own and its associates, MA helps its clients identify credit gaps and financing structure so that there are no surprises for them in the form of liquidity crunch, interest rate risks, currency risks and others. Clients get the benefit of having cross border deals for raising trade finances, debts, PE, structured finances and more. For companies seeking a broad range of financing alternatives, MA guides them to arrange private placement of debt and equity securities through its
relationships with institutional and private investors. Its private placement abilities have enabled clients to expand effect ownership transitions, recapitalize and acquire other companies. MA is working with few equity investors who can invest on client's behalf while rest of the funds can be arranged through investment houses or banks. MA also offers credit guarantees/credit insurance to its investors to secure their investments. Unlike other players, the company doesn't charge any retainers or other costs in advance but charges them for expenses and cost involved in transactions, and success fee when the funds hit client's accounts.

Going Ahead
Having around 45 associates spread across UK, EU, Australia, India, U.S. and other countries, the company boasts of its ability to be always ready to learn for the new projects and new baking methods. "Our work culture is a lean and mean organizational structure and rewards are commensurate with performance," asserts Deepak when talking about the company's work culture.

After gaining considerable momentum in the international market and welcoming clients from across the globe, MA now is trying to establish its footprint in the Indian terrain and hopes its services including helping the corporate, find funding with fewer margins & less collateral, and developing a good platform for this alternate funding model, will help it reach greater heights within the country.